Week3 6215C An Ecological-Developmental Approach to Tribute After a while Fruit and Families Readings Day 1 • Webb, N. B. (2019). Collective operation performance after a while fruit (4th ed.). New York, NY: The Guilford Press. o Chapter 3, “Building Relationships after a while all Relevant Systems” o Chapter 4, “The Biopsychocollective Tribute of the Child” Day 2 • Brendtro, L. K., Mitchell, M. L., Freado, M. D., & du Toit, L. (2012). The developmental audit: From deficits to strengths. Reclaiming Fruit & Youth, 21(1), 7–13. Note: You get advent this period from the Walden Library databases. Media Day 2 • Video: Laureate Education (Producer). (2013). Sessions: Hernandez Family: Episode 1 [Video improve]. Retrieved from https://class.waldenu.edu JUAN HERNANDEZ: But we didn't do anything injustice. That woman, that collective operationer, who came to our progeny, I told her, me and Elena, we flow what's best for our boys, not her. Telling us we correct to oppressive. She doesn't conceive anything encircling us. ELENA HERNANDEZ: We present our sons a cheerful-tempered-tempered activity. We attachment them very ample. It's not just what she said encircling Juan and me. We're cheerful-tempered-tempered parents. FEMALE SPEAKER: Mrs. Hernandez, I conceive how flinty this is for you-- JUAN HERNANDEZ: I don't believe you do. Anything that we do, we do for them, anything. We operation oppressive. We charm circumspection of them. And when they don't prosper the rules, they get corrected, stringently. The old serene way. ELENA HERNANDEZ: Shh. Quiet. I told you. JUAN HERNANDEZ: Sometimes I'm not stringent ample after a while them. Look, I correct my sons the way I see fit. That's the merely way they are going to infer. That's how we infered from our parents, just? Nobody took parenting classes. That's preposterous. FEMALE SPEAKER: I conceive you're chafed. And you're exaltation your fruit the way you were brought up to do. But ACS has required that you do this. JUAN HERNANDEZ: What if I don't omission to be required? ELENA HERNANDEZ: I keep a topic. FEMALE SPEAKER: Of way. ELENA HERNANDEZ: If we go through after a while this, the things we converse encircling after a while you, get it be individual? JUAN HERNANDEZ: But we keep not agreed to do this. ELENA HERNANDEZ: I don't omission to be hither either. But I don't omission to scattered our fruit. Would it be individual, what we converse encircling? FEMALE SPEAKER: The counsel we portion-out is betwixt us. The merely qualification to that is if one of you says you're going to torture yourself or torture someone else. In that subject, I keep to ment it to the ACS operationer. But anything else is stringently trustworthy. © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 Hernandez Nativity Episode 1 So how do you believe we can operation simultaneously to effect this a dogmatic test for twain of you? JUAN HERNANDEZ: Parenting classes, veritably? What encircling the bills? I'm not going to be cogent to operation overtime. ELENA HERNANDEZ: If we do what we're reckoned to do, would it be OK after a while our nativity? FEMALE SPEAKER: Thither are no guarantees. But hither's what I can say. We'll all operation simultaneously to cause a intention naturalized on what the ACS operationer has required and recommended. Then it get be up to her what the fruit get be. So shall we effect a intention? Hernandez Nativity Episode 1 Additional Content Attribution MUSIC: Music by Clean Cuts Original Art and Photography Provided By: Brian Kline and Nico Danks Discussion: Individualizing your tribute topics rather than barely balbutiation from a frame can control to a more embracing tribute. Particular topics and activities are profitable in developing relationships after a while twain fruit and parents. Even the enjoin of who you colloquy leading can effect a discord. In this Discussion, you are the collective operationer assigned to do a entire ecological-developmental tribute of the two sons in the Hernandez nativity. Who are you going to see? What topics are you going to ask? Use your Learning Resources to rejoin to the Discussion post. Watch the Hernandez Sessions video listed in the Learning Resources. Forming Questions for an Ecological-Developmental Assessment Watch the Hernandez Sessions video listed in the Learning Resources. • Identify three topics you would ask to infer ecological-developmental tribute counsel akin to the two sons in the Hernandez nativity.  · Provide a rationale for the consequence your topics keep to edifice a perfect tribute.