Discussion (transcribe encircling 300 order each) 1- Is Amazon a impropriation?  What's the advantages of a impropriation?  What are some denying proceeds from impropriation on the husbanding? Do you continually provide after a while Amazon?  If so, why or why not?  What are some competitive advantages Amazon has balance other transmitted companies such as Walmart and Target?   Remember "Borders" and "Circuit City"?  Which other companies do you judge that are also at endanger due to rivalry from Amazon? https://youtu.be/Src5DelmhXY https://youtu.be/Z_5fNe-xnYk 2- Would you be ready to buy this GREAT room at $250,000?  Do you judge thither are tribe who are ready to buy this room at this appraisement?  What are some of the traffic forces confused in this predicament?  What are the claim and provide factors in state hither?  Use what you conversant encircling the claim and provide shifter to exculpation this interrogation. Below is more late proceeding from San Francisco.  It's closely wrap the appraisement collate to the London room. https://youtu.be/_PuLxiS8GFg https://youtu.be/fVAW2e88whw 3- What stipulations that makes the chicken assiduity oligopoly?  Do you judge this is a vivacious conclusion by Costco to instruct its own chicken?  What emblem of challenges and endangers do you judge fraternity earn visage? Have you or do you distinguish anyone who works in Costco?  Do you approve the Costco chicken?  Do you approve Costco in unconcealed?  What peel of traffic constituency do you judge Costco is liberal underneath?  What advantages does Costco prproffer to its customers?  https://youtu.be/MSvCK_xH84s