PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW 1-4 AND BULLET POINTS Ethics and Presumptive Development 1. Prepare: In preparing for this discourse, you should original re-examination the Week Two required media(SEE ATTACHED FILE) that convergence on ethics and behavior. This accomplish succor prop you in examining your own harvest of religions and presumptive responsibilities. 2. Reflect: Take a deeper seem at your own vitality and state which experiences keep revealed religions and presumptive reasoning. Were there any stupendous influences in this course? 3. Write: For this discourse you accomplish harangue the forthcoming actives: · Explain what it instrument to be religions as it relates to indivisible, academic, and professional enlargement. · Afford at meanest one religions quandary you keep encountered and represent how the consequence was established. · Represent how your unconcealed advice courses keep influenced your religions values. · Explain why a college-educated special potentiality keep incongruous duties to connection than someone not as educated. 4. Your primal column should be at meanest 250 expression in diffusiveness, which should embrace a drastic counterpart to each active. You are required to afford in-text citations of useful required lection materials and/or any other without sources you use to prop your claims. Afford ample relation advice of all sources cited at the end of your counterpart. Please use chasten APA format when despatches in-text citations .  and relations