Discussion 1 – Matching Interventions to an Organization’s Need

  When planning for veer, a consulting professional needs to carefully investigate the intercession strategies that best fit an construction’s veer goals and the rare characteristics of the inner and visible environments. Yet veer and intercessions influence not solely the construction but also the populace amid the construction. When an intercession immediately influences employees’ effort relationships, effort disposition, effort apprehension, and effortspace, the commitment and involvement of those to which the intercession is aimed are critically material. Consultants must construct part-scientific, part-artistic, part-political choices when selecting conducive intercessions that tally constructional veer needs. Organizational consultants may be designated on to designate inferior which term an intercession target is withhold. This requires comparing the conduciveness of intercession targets fixed on a collocate of inner and visible factors. ODs then evaluate the immanent an intercession target has for suitable constructional enterprise and bloom. To prepare: Review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider withhold OD intercession strategies for incongruous systems. With these thoughts in mind: Post by Day 3 a diminutive designation of two OD intercessions and a rationale for each intercession selected. Also, bestow an exposition of two factors to be investigateed when selecting an intercession.