Discourse Analysis Features of Context

Name: Duong Hong Anh Group: 06. 1. E1 Date: 01/02/2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Discourse Analysis Assignment 1 Text: [pic] [pic] Features of writement 1. Addressor: a BBC narrativeist 2. Addressee: the US readers 3. Audience: online readers 4. Topic: US to recommence early Haiti medical diffusion flights 5. Setting: place: in a support of online BBC appriseationpaper; time: February 2nd, 2010 6. Channel: congeniality 7. Code: Standard American English 8. Message-form: narrative article . Event: BBC appriseation 10. Key: appriseative, updated 11. Purpose: to apprise encircling actions of the USA empire to aid Haiti and some other cognate issues. ----------------------- US to recommence early Haiti medical diffusion flights The United States gain recommence unarranged hours difficulty diffusion flights for ticklishly damaged Haitian quiver victims, the White House has said. The airlifts stopped conclusive Wednesday consequently of what Washington pictorial as "logistical issues". Doctors warned scores of fellow-creatures would die if the flights did not recommence early. Meanwhile, some of the Haitian consequence attested as orphans by a clump of Americans who were leading them away may entertain parents, it has emerged. Haiti imposed new controls on the change-of-place of consequence forthcoming the 12 January earthquiver that killed up to 200,000 fellow-creatures. Officials misgiving that orphans are now chiefly assailoperative to nature abducted and sold for option. Besides on Sunday, the UN's World Food Programme (WFP) began a large-scale aid arrangement at 16 sites athwart Haiti's chief, aiming to plea?e two favorite fellow-creatures. Only women gain be recognized to congregate the 25kg (55lb) rice ration, plenty to plea?e a lineage for two weeks. 'On trace' White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a assertion on Sunday evening: "Having current assurances that concomitant size exists twain less and unarranged our interdiplomatic partners, we established that we can recommence these ticklish flights. " "The flights are on trace to recommence in the next 12 hours. Patients are nature attested for forward, doctors are making unfailing that it is sure for them to fly, and we are preparing unfair in-flight paediatric heed aboard the aircraft wless needed. Mr Vietor said the US empire had worked delay interdiplomatic partners, NGO's and US states to acception size to write the Haitian patients. Hundreds of patients delay spinal injuries, burns and other wounds entertain been flown on US soldierlike planes to America since the quiver. Most of them entertain been writeed in Florida. But the US halted the so-called benefit flights on Wednesday. A White House spokesman told the BBC the propose was due to "logistical issues", not aggravate medical costs as had been reputed prior. Last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist warned President Barack Obama's synod that the state's "healthheed order is straightway reaching saturation, chiefly in the area of high-level trauma heed". Mr Crist besides asked the federal empire to activate the National Disaster Medical System, which usually pays for victims' heed in domiciliary disasters. 'Hungry and dehydrated' On Sunday, SOS Children's Villages interdiplomatic kindness said at meanest one of the 33 Haitian youngsters whom the Americans had tried to use out of Haiti, a small miss, insisted her parents were existing. Charity spokesman George Willeit told narrativeists the miss said she had believed she was nature usen to a bombardment ground or summer bivouac. Mr Willeit besides said sundry of the consequence had been root to be in weak sanity, savage and dehydrated. One of the lowest - fair two or three months old - was so dehydrated she had to be usen to hospital, he assumed. Haitian authorities said none of the consequence had documentation or scrutiny they were in-fact parentless. 'Mistake' The 10 Americans, who are now in police conservation in Port-au-Prince, said they were leading them to an orphanage in neighbouring Dominican Republic. The five men and five women, from Idaho-based kindness New Life Children's Refuge, were stopped timeliness journeying on a bus delay the consequence on the edging delay neighbouring Dominican Republic. They said the youngsters had all obsolete their parents in the quiver. Laura Silsby, the clump's director, said the arrests were the consequence of a strike. "Our mind was that we were told by a estimate of fellow-creatures, including Dominican authorities, that we would be operative to convey the consequence athwart," she said. The misuse we made is that we didn't discern tless was concomitant paperwork required. " But the BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, in Port-au-Prince, says the regulations are very disengaged - each circumstance of child option must be favorite by the empire. Even precedently the earthquake, he adds, child-smuggling was a vast bearing in Haiti, delay thousands of consequence disappearing each year. (Source: http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/8490469. stm, retrieved on Feb 2nd 2010)