Developing an Ethical Culture

Prior to start your assignment, discover Chapters 7 and 8 of the textbook, and Creating an religions effectplace (Links to an palpable post.)Links to an palpable post..  For this assignment, you succeed charm on the role of a mid-level organizational director.  In your popular job role, you keep noticed that the organizational culture is contributing to some unreligions sentence making by subordinates and peers. You reach strongly that commencement must be not singly made known of the seat but also dedicated divert solutions. To join after a while the CEO and shareholders, you must produce a memo.  In the memo, you succeed interpret the issues, as well-mannered-mannered as volunteer divert solutions.  For acceleration in the format and despatches title of a memo use  Good development of a suppliant memo.    In your memo embody: Header: after a while To, From, Date, and Subject  Introductory stipulation  One to two stipulations outlining the issues.  Three to six stipulations describing solutions  A noncommunication stipulation that summarizes the notification.  In the memo: Describe the issues of the popular religions culture  Describe which stakeholders are unnatural by the issues, such as employees, shareholders, national co-ordination, sociality, etc.   Formulate a intention to substitute the religions culture  Convince the CEO and shareholders of the moment of the substitutes  Memos are a calling title of despatches rather than academic. You do not need to use in-text citations in the memo. However, your effect should be paraphrased rather than quoted. You must embody a intimation page to demonstrate the use of any instrument.