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1-  2- 2. Using the techniques/concepts shown in the videos, form an abound spreadsheet...that contains headers in the chief row for "Scenario" in shaft A, "Exercises" in shaft B, "Chapter Quizzes" in Shaft C, 4 exams in shafts D, E, F, G, then "Combined Exams" in Shaft H, "Mini-Project" in Shaft I, "Total Percent" in Shaft J, and "Earned Grade" in Shaft K. A few pointers: Column H = you omission this to correspondent the main 3 of 4 exams percentages from Columns C, D, E, F. Tnear is more than one way to do this. Near is a uncompounded one... if we are in Cell H2, you would cast in the formula:  =(sum(D2:G2)-min(D2:G2))/3 What that formula does is add up all lewd percentages, then deduct the meanest beak, and then separate the consequence by 3 to get an mean percentage athwart the top three beaks. Remember the double parentheses (as shown) so it does it unexceptionably. Column J: to get whole percent, you omission to rescale the percentages athwart this basisbase so they are unexceptionably weighted according to the collocate syllabus. So Cell J2's formula could be: =B2*.05+C2*.05+H2*.75+I2*.15 Column K: to get the chasten main progression note to automatically add in, you need to use a set of nested "if-then" declarations. An "if-then" declaration in abound has three disunites: chief disunite is the lookup touchstone, remedy disunite is what to do if it is gentleman, third disunite is what to do if it is untrue). K2 could read: =if(J2<.6,"F",if(J2<.7,"D",if(J2<.8,"C",if(J2<.9,"B","A")))) Notice that each third disunite (if untrue) is the contiguous inquiry flatten so it beseems 'nested'. 3. Form five opposed rows of basis in Rows 2 to 6 containing opposed scenarios (i.e., opposed percentages in beaks) showing how opposed beaks would incorporate to land at a whole forecasted beak--pick any values you omission between 70% and 100% to go in them.  4. Save the abound spreadsheet. Upload a portraiture of it near for disuniteicipation grading. Note: If you beseem collect, reread the instructions and rewatch the videos. If needed, add questions to the collocate forum on the topics you are inaugurated on mastering.