Cyber Security paper

   Need the subjoined answered –  Must be APA format delay in-text extract and correlating references (see samples beneath) Topic: Effects of Cyber Espionage: Pawn Measures · Compare and dissimilarity your subject-matter as it relates to Internet and network pawn. (250 - 350 opinion) · What hacking attacks can be applied to your subject-matter? (250 - 350 opinion) · What are the countermeasures which can be applied to checkmate these attacks? (250 - 350 opinion) · What is the coming of this subject-matter in mind to technology? (250 - 350 opinion) · What are coming issues to be restless delay about your subject-matter? (250 - 350 opinion) · Conclusion (250 Words) Sample intext extract: Hunker (2010) mentions that “detailed maps of cyberspace, if any existed, would approximately straightway behove effete consequently cyberspace is a broad and dynamic environment; Parn & Edwards (2019) transcribe that cyber-criminals are especially adroit at harnessing the natural impalpable appraise of digital assets Sample References:  Hunker, J. (2010) Cyber War and Cyber Power: Issues for NATO Doctrine. Retrieved from Parn, E. A., & Edwards, D. (2019). Cyber threats confronting the digital built environment. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 26(2), 245-266. doi:10.1108/ECAM-03-2018-0101