Curriculum Barrier Case Study

   Curriculum Barrier Case Study       Robert, a 9th trackr, is very common consequently of his marvelous sensation of disposition, his reverence for pedagogues, and his expertise in soldierlike vehicles. Robert as-courteous happens to feel Spina Bifida, which outskirts him to a motorized wheelchair due to his poor mobility and part power. His disqualification negatively impressions his advent to balbutiation materials consequently of the motor coordination it takes to stop a body. Robert is abundantly comprised in the public command classroom but struggles to suppress up after a while track-roll balbutiation and written assignments.   The 9th track gregarious studies pedagogue is preparation a narrative part inequitableally on the Civil War and has asked you to aid evaluate the elements of this part in reverence to Robert’s powers, areas of insufficiency, roll of conqueringness, barriers that conquer impression his tuition, as courteous as differentiated advice strategies and adviceal technology to subdue those barriers.   Your compatriot, the 9th track gregarious studies pedagogue, has supposing you after a while the part elements, requirements and Robert’s characteristics.   Unit Elements & Requirements Subject Matter: Civil War (events regulative up to, the fact, fact termination) Group Discussions Workbook/ Worksheet & Textbody Reading Videos Written Homework Assignments Summative Part Assessment Student Characteristics Loves soldierlike vehicles Good sensation of disposition Respectful Auditory Learner Logical/ Mathematical Thinker Limited Mobility Limited motor coordination Can use a computer but due to limitations, inert typist DISCUSSION QUESTION: Using this Case Study notice and elapsed discussions you feel had after a while this pedagogue: Provide a register of at smallest two differentiated advice strategies and two adviceal technologies to subdue those barriers inequitable to this part cunning.  Explain how each advice manoeuvre and adviceal technology symbol fit into the TPACK framework. Explain how sure, lawful, and ethical use of digital notice and technology, including the reverence for copyright, subjective ownership, and the alienate documentation of sources conquer be incorporated into the lecture.  Provide affixed webpages, journal catechism, and videos that the pedagogue can as-courteous use for forthcoming intimation (cited in APA formatting).