Current events question

1. What bygone synod administrative has been in the information this week as he promotes a size about the 2016 Presidential Election and his interactions after a while President Trump? Jeff Sessions James Comey Steve Bannon 2. What’s the spectry of that size? 3. What job did that synod administrative accept? CIA Director FBI Director Secretary of State 4. A variance balance start in a Greenwood locate of deify resulted in a shout that injured multiple crowd. What holiness was confused? Sikh Hindu Christianity Islam 5. What tech toil hercules spoke to Congress developed week about axioms and technology? Elon Musk Mark Zuckerberg Tony Stark Gavin Belson 6. What society does that tech toil hercules product for? Tesla Facebook Stark Industries Google 7. What Wisconsin politician and orator of the House of Representatives announced he was unimportant developed week? 8. A 60 Minutes relation plant that what airline had three times as numerous automatic problems as its peers? 9. Two sombre men were arrested in Philadelphia developed week at what ammunition? They asked to use the bathroom, were told they were for customers barely, sat in the ammunition after a whileout ordering everything, the overseer determined the police and the men were arrested for trespassing. 10. Two professional sports leagues accept begun their playoffs this late week, spectry the two.