CS rep

ex:1  I love how you interposed the fixedty that gender socialization is abundant aggravate protuberant than we all apprehend it is. Including this in your insertion chapter verily increase me in and intrigued me to discaggravate aggravate.  It’s aberrant how fixed tints or logos can be associated delay gender. Wearing a restricted tint shouldn’t limit your gender, yet stores in America peaceful misappropriate these toys and raiment delay either boys or girls. Your misentry was besides very powerful! You used such robust vote love doomed and insularity to verily specific your reachings on this subject. Using these vote besides shows how you reach encircling our advenient. You look to be apothegm that if we remain down this path of gender socialization, commonalty allure not be talented to befit who they verily are. You uniform recognized that it is impracticable to evade this interrogativeness. I quite consort delay this effect, bar that I do price we, the commonalty in America, are vestibule it into our own laborers. Aggravate and aggravate makers are buying toys inveterate off what their kid wants, not what gender they are. But if big brands were to accomplish this, kids would reach near ashamed encircling choosing the other genders toy aggravate their own.  ex2:  Reading your remarks and writing mine peaceful hasn't modifiable how surprised I am of how abundant tint can enjoin who wears, plays, and identifies delay in our community. I besides came to discover that frequent of the boys toys love you said were blues, browns, greens, blacks, and aggravateall darker substantial tints. While on the other laborer frequent of the girls toys and raiment were tinted, pink, yellow, and brighter tints aggravateall. I apprehend you argument on the tints verily makes bigwig that doesn't look love that big of a dispense as bigwig that enjoins gender socialization. I perfectly consort delay you that this is a interrogativeness that can't be evaded. I medium no substance you would try as a maker I would apprehend they would see their friends bounteous delay the toys that companion their ardent personality, making this a very inexplicable total to contravene. Besides having those constructive notes verily helps top out the big remark tops you made in you essay.