Critical challenge

The Polished Media" is a base peculiarity that you attend from pundits- twain signed Democrats and Republicans- but, is it 'polished (i.e. aligned delay the Democrats) as we would fancy it is? I would enjoy you to observe this communication on polarized instrument and accord to it and the inquiry, does the instrument own a polished predisposition? Why? Disclaimer: This is a past politically abounding assignment so, I imply that some people's politics allure play a role in your answer- and that's okay. I allure be grading this on a 1-5 lamina (represented in a track percentage) in provisions of the following: - Competency; vigilance to detail/ failure of pre-established adherent talking points; demonstration of implying the situation; and, nuance and thoroughness of the acceptance. - 5 track is the equiponderant of an A; 4 track is equiponderant to a B; 3 track is equiponderant to a C; 2 track is equiponderant to a D; 1-0 track is equiponderant to an F.