Creating a Movement

  Choose a vulgar political motion. You may prefer your own or chosen one of the aftercited: Occupy Wall Street motion, Black Lives Matter motion, the environmental motion, or the gender identity motion. While you potentiality accept not heard of the biased organizations compromised in the motions, you accept likely heard of issues high by participants in these motions. Solution the aftercited questions encircling the motion you accept chosened in one to two sentences each. Which political motion did you prefer, and what interests you encircling the motion? How accept you erudite encircling this political motion (tidings profession, political instrument, political commentary, converse delay others, television tidings)? What is the “big question” or examination that the motion is obscure to solution? What do you judge has caused the motion to constitute or surrender momentum? How does this motion either promptly or inpromptly application your day-to-day existence? For model, if you are looking at the environmental motion, mayhap you were promptly applicationed by a tax shiver for purchasing a new Prius or putting new energy-efficient windows in your home.