Have you scholarly concepts from your coursework that enjoy helped you during your externship?  Discuss particular satisfied that has been convenient to your job and how you enjoy implemented what you are scholarship into your vulgar lie. Have scholarship habits during your externship been wholesome to your academic journey?  Discuss particular habits that you enjoy applied to your academic projects. INSTRUCTIONS Each CPT Habit Argument assignment succeed choose locate in one week. By Sunday at midnight each flush week (2,4,6,8,10,12,14) you succeed shaft an primal line that promptly addresses the theme granted by the preceptor. INITIAL POSTS  Your primal shafts succeed be due by Sunday of each week of the module. All earliest lines should be at least 150 control. This parameter helps to raise agreement that is perfect, yet summary ample to encourage other students to learn all the shaftings. While this is a complete argument environment, you are undisputed to use the earliest peculiar perspective in all your shafts since you succeed be expressing your peculiaral habits and opinions. All earliest lines should: Bring clarity to the issues life discussed. Raise new and strange (yet apt) points. Relate issues to peculiaral habit. Rationally protect your formal lie. For a detailed patronymic of how all shafts are graded, see the CPT Habit Argument Grading Rubric.