counselling and mental health

  Solution-Focused and Narrative Theories Application After viewing Dr. Corey's demonstrations of Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy in The Fact of Stan videos, collate and opposition how each avenue could be applied to the fact of Henry (see the fact consider narrative "The Fact of Henry" in the Resources). Specify: How each speculation would conceptualize his "problem." What key concepts can be applied. Two restricted interventions (one from each speculation) Dr. Corey demonstrated and that you would use after a while this client. Potential constitutional or religions issues that would be momentous in applying these theories to this fact. This is an distant argument of 400–500 tone. Prepare your tally using and citing the assigned readings and videos in this item. Response Guidelines You should suit to the posts of at smallest two of your co-ordinates for each argument interrogation. These tallys should be comprehensible and assist to the conference by respectfully research interrogations, interesting in argument, and gift varying viewpoints. Please critique the Faculty Expectations for any other requirements for the co-ordinate tallys. Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. The Fact of Henry.