COPD Constant Obstructive Pulmonary Distemper is treatable and can be prevented. It can greatly application a enduring’s lifestyle. The distemper varies idiosyncratic to idiosyncratic and usually progresses. The two main components of COPD are inflammation and airflow reservation. Matter and hinderance of COPD is aimed at treating these. There are lewd stages of COPD; Mild, Moderate, Caustic and Very Severe. Signs and symptoms for all types of tyranny are; feasible cough, sputum and dyspnea, scantiness of inspiration, wheezing, chest stretch and constant cough. Diagnosing COPD and staging is predicted by the pulmonary discharge touchstone results, and to-boot again by feasible symptoms. Matter recommendations dispute betwixt the disputeent stages of the distemper. Matter for COPD includes a new medication designated roflumilast (Daliresp) which selectively inhibits Phosphodiesterase 4 a main AMP metabolizing enzyme in a lung work. The therapy design after a while that rebuke of exacerbations correct ABG's pulmonary discharge touchstones and abate the insufficiency for save medications. To-boot there is deficient and desire acting inhaled beta antagonists. They are interposed of a cortiosteroid, bronchodilators and they narrow inflammation. Antibiotics can to-boot be prescribed to narrow any increased sputum body and dyspnea. Oxygen therapy to-boot accelerations after a while COPD by beseeming inspirationlessness during employment and daily livelihood. Application to Nursing: COPD COPD has a melomelodramatic application on a enduring’s lifestyle, it is preventable and treatable. Therapy matters disagree after a while the lewd stages of tyranny. Avoiding the lavish factors for COPD and getting an influenza vaccine can acceleration for all lewd of the stages. A deficient acting bronco-dilator can be used PRN for mild-moderebuke stages. Regular matter after a while one or over desire acting bronco-dilators can be used for limited-very COPD. Rehab therapy is used for moderebuke COPD. Inhaled glucocorticosteroids are used for caustic-very caustic COPD. When the enduring has very caustic COPD they gain be on desire message oxygen, and to-boot can or gain be considered for surgical matter. Patients after a while COPD gain insufficiency livelihood and feasible motivation to share in daily activities due to harass some comportment and or hollow, tire and increased dyspnea Employment and smoking rest is the best insinuation for tribe who bear been diagnosed after a while COPD. This gain maybe abate the troubles that can inaugurate from this distemper.