Contingency Plan and Executive Presentation

  Project intentions contour the intentionned mode of events; nevertheless, things don’t constantly occur as intentionned. Organizations demand to deliberate lavishs and lay-open a casualty intention. This intention is typically presented to government.  Add the subjoined 2 columns to the purpose intention consultation you created in Wk 4 – Apply: Purpose Plan:  Potential Lavish Factors  Contingency Plans  Based on your precedent scrutiny, determine implicit lavish factors for not meeting each of the purpose objectives. Develop a casualty intention for each of the implicit lavishs. Add the implicit lavishs and casualty intention to your Wk 4 – Apply: Purpose Plan.  Use Microsoft PowerPoint® , Prezi® , or another software to create a 12- to 14-slide executive donation—with appropriate images and diagrams—that summarizes the subjoined counsel:  The organization’s counsel presented in Wk 1  SWOT resolution and traffic tend scrutiny  Project objectives  How consummation procure be measured The rate this purpose procure carry to the organization Project metrics  Timelines   Responsible parties  Potential lavish factors  Contingency intentions  Include specific orator notes amid the donation. Convert the orator notes to a Microsoft Word muniment and add it to the citations slide.   Cite all sources according to APA guidelines.  You procure surrender 2 incongruous deliverables:   Updated purpose intention delay implicit lavish factors and a casualty intention   Executive donation delay specific orator notes as a Word muniment amid the donation