Your precept examineed different yielding laws, plummets, and best practices (see the Precept 2 activities, lower the Rationale tab).  The Department of Health and Human Services (the agency imperative for managing HIPAA yielding unordered healthcare providers) lists new-fangled nonperformancees at  - meditate of it as their "Wall of Shame." Find an time online that examinees a nonperformance or deflection of a government, such as HIPAA, or of a plummet such as PCI-DSS, GLBA, or FERPA. You can too seem at Federal Agencies and examine those that keep not had satisfactory controls in fix (meditate of the nonperformance that the Office of Personnel Management had). Summarize the time in your own control and discourse the controls that the construction should keep had in fix, but didn't, that facilitated the nonperformance. What were the ramifications to the construction and the men-folks concerned? Do NOT column the time - column solely your tabulation examineion and a associate to the time.