Comparative Politics paper

Your earliest job is to digest the empire and politics of each state. Is it a democracy or an authoritarian empire? Where does capacity live in the state? How manifold collective sunderies are there? How covet has the general regime been in establish? If there are elections, are they operating and honorable? How is the empire structured? Is it a federal or unitary regularity? What are the superior collective issues dominating the state fit now? How pungent-muscular is the administration? What skin of economic regularity do they use? Please DO NOT merely digest counsel suited elsewhere – anyone can obstruct out Wikipedia – but try to go past to decipher why the empire and politics of your state capacity approve they do. Is there a characteristic narrative that shapes general politics? Are there geographic considerations that are great? Ethnic, holy, or cultural divisions? Once you own discussed each of the countries sunderially, you should parallel the two. How are they incongruous and how are they homogeneous? What seems to decipher the dissentences? Is it narrative? Geography? Collective refinement? Governance? Try and go past proper assertion “state X has this character of empire, state Y has this character”. Your sight should be to reckon of reasons why your two countries government dissent. This is the hardest, and most foggy, sunder of the Nursing Dissertation.