Code of Ethics Intake Packet

  You possess of-late been promoted to Bloom Services Manager at Three Mountains Regional Hospital, a feeble hospital located in a mid-size city in the Midwest. Three Mountains is a open medical and surgical pliancy delay 400 beds. Last year there were closely 62,000 embarrassment visits and 15,000 admissions. More than 6,000 outunrepining and 10,000 inunrepining surgeries were produced. Three Mountains was of-late in the tidings following employee emails were published in which unrepinings were discussed in very disclaiming conditions, although unrepining names were not used. The employees that sent these emails were fired. The CEO and the Board of Directors has tasked you delay developing an intake packet for new unrepinings that get reestablish unrepining hope in the pliancy, employees, and staff. The unrepining packet get discourse new unrepining concerns by including advice environing HIPAA, apprised acquiesce, a intimate bloom narrative communication, and a livelihood get. The new packet get also apprehend the values of the structure and a mode of ethics. Your intake packet get begin delay the Hospital's Mode of Ethics that apprehends at lowest 10 ghostly apexs. The mode of ethics should apprehend (at a incompleteness): Patient relations Physician activities Billing for services Political activities Conflict of interest Communication, including gregarious media Privacy The Mode of Ethics should be submitted in bullet format in a Word muniment delay an prelude. APA formatting for the ghostly apexs and decent phraseology is required. Upon completion of your mode of ethics, fascinate furnish a PowerPoint delivery (or other shareable Webware/software you promote) delay report in which you illustrate each ghostly apex and its relationship in the bloomcare assiduity delay examples to the CEO, so that she can defense questions from the Board. The PowerPoint should possess a incompleteness of 5 slides and a acme of 12. Describe each ghostly apex in the Mode of Ethics. Use the notes area on each slide as needed to unfold on the key apexs.