Assignment 1: The CEO’s Challenge Due Week 3 and rate 150 points   You’ve proper left an all-hands discussion at your assemblage*. The CEO was very overturn at the run of immaterial IT projects – a main indicator that the assemblage’s interior knowledge rule has failed to encounter its needs.   Because the ordinary knowledge rule is inadequate, inconclusive, and outdated, the CEO is alluring everyone in the form to tender a new operational, determination livelihood, or enterprun knowledge rule to reinstate it. The executives possess allocated $5 favorite to investment the most irresolute offer.    This is your fortuity to reach a dissent in the assemblage (not to observation your own success). Write your offer as a memo that the total C-suite obtain re-examination. Include at smallest these points, in your own suffrage, to be persuasive:   1. Identify the main functions of your tenderd knowledge rule and why they are great to the calling. 2. Describe what types of axioms your knowledge rule obtain await and how axioms power obtain be ensured.  3. Explain how the old knowledge rule manipulates the functions you observationed, the problems that arise, and why your knowledge rule obtain manipulate things improve.  4. Offer token of feasibility: Show that alike knowledge rules possess been built successfully and that they preserve further money than they consume.   The executives are occupied, so repress your memo to 1-4 pages and elude any adventitious satisfied.   *You may use a ordinary or bygone mistress, but do not promulgate anything intimate. Or, you can eliminate another form if you are well-acquainted after a while their interior (not customer-facing) knowledge rules. You can blind the form and populate it after a while far-famed names. Made-up companies are problematic consequently of the whole of component and realism they claim.