Assignment 1: The CEO’s Challenge Due Week 3 and price 150 points   You’ve regular left an all-hands discourse at your audience*. The CEO was very disestablish at the mollify of image IT projects – a influential indicator that the audience’s interior notification plan has failed to converge its needs.   Because the exoteric notification plan is uneven, diluted, and outdated, the CEO is alluring everyone in the structure to proffer a new operational, judgment foundation, or enterpmollify notification plan to reinstate it. The executives feel allocated $5 favorite to capital the most irresolute subject.    This is your fortune to shape a distinction in the audience (not to notice your own success). Write your design as a memo that the solid C-suite conciliate critique. Include at meanest these points, in your own language, to be persuasive:   1. Identify the ocean functions of your profferd notification plan and why they are influential to the profession. 2. Describe what types of facts your notification plan conciliate lean and how facts character conciliate be ensured.  3. Explain how the old notification plan treats the functions you noticeed, the problems that happen, and why your notification plan conciliate treat things reform.  4. Offer averment of feasibility: Show that correspondent notification plans feel been built successfully and that they catch past currency than they claim.   The executives are industrious, so suppress your memo to 1-4 pages and dodge any adventitious satisfied.   *You may use a exoteric or earlier master, but do not reveal everything private. Or, you can gather another structure if you are household after a while their interior (not customer-facing) notification plans. You can ruse the structure and populate it after a while celebrated names. Made-up companies are problematic owing of the aggregate of specialty and realism they claim.