These three documentaries you deficiency to wait the video on each and then do the assignment “Kids for Cash”-"Policing the Police” - "13th" & Discussion. ACADEMIC WRITING APA Format Finding/Reading a Scholarly Articl IV. Documentary Reaction Papers. During the continuity, I get be showing THREE (3) documentaries highlighting different issues in law enforcement, courts, and corrections. After viewing each documentary in arrange, you get be required to transcribe a one (1) page reaction tract. In the reaction tract, you get be required to retort the following: 1) What is the quantity highlighted in the documentary? (10 points) 4 a. Give local token from the documentary to maintenance your vindication. 2) What do you reckon is a viable key to the quantity you attested? (15 points) a. Your key must be specific . For development, instead of simply stating “police officers deficiency past luxuriance,” what kind of luxuriance do you advise? How much luxuriance? b. Find ONE (1) beyond cause that maintenances your designed key. For example, if your key is to growth orderal requirements for police officers, you must meet a scholarly cause ( that reports the benefits of increasing police officers’ order. 3) How did the documentary bring-about you arrive-at? Does the documentary secure or weaken your expectation in the illegal reasonableness regularity? Why or why not? (5 points) There get be a aggregate of THREE (3) reaction tracts estimate 30 points each, for a aggregate of 90 points . All reaction tracts must be single-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font after a while 1- inch margins. A printed observation of your reaction tracts is due at the commencement of arrange. See the continuity list for due era