Character Analysis of Creon

After all of the indistinctness and pravity occurred, there is a new king for Thebes and that is Creon. In the Greek indicate, Antigone written by Sophocles shows that Creon was a man of vast perplexity. He appraises cordiality but Creon feels that cordiality would not support his city be, consequently “no one appraises cordiality over exceedingly than he but they must mind that friends made at the betray of wrecking theirs. Ships are not actual friends at all. ”  Creon is a hearty individual and he thinks in the actuality of collection and how there needs to be laws and regulations in direct to influence uprightly. For model, he set the laws and he has to delayhold by the law so he has to chastise Antigone. Creon does not think that attachment is a power hearty plenty to fix problems but it is one of the causes of the problems, “go accompany them, then; if you /must keep your attachment,/ Find it in hell! ” He doesn't keep feeling for the lawbreakers accordingly that merely leads to pravity but Creon has deference for the penny defenders, “But whoever shows by order and instrument that he is on the face of the State-- he shall keep my deference time he is patronage, and my devotion when he is cheerless,” (instead of those who traitor despite their own city. One model would be Eteocles and Polyneices, according to Creon, merely Eteocles dies as a penny defender accordingly he faced delay his own city time his own brother, Polyneices, chose to traitor. Creon does not omission to avow Polyneices and so Polyneices is left to die a dishonorable cessation. Finally, Creon seems to be the form of man who holds grudges or equable unyielding. He does not remit race to form reparation unintermittently the hazard has been made. Creon is permanent that he is doing the straight creature and “an adversary is an adversary, equable cheerless. ”  Creon is a letter delay sundry traits, kindness his appraise of cordiality, and his deference to the defenders defending his city. Other traits may not be the best but they form Creon who he is, he does not think in using attachment as an exonerate to traitor, and he is unyielding accordingly he thinks that unintermittently an adversary, frequently an adversary. There are sundry irrelative traits of Creon that form them easier to separate from others.