Case Study – Finding Potential Solutions to Quality Issues Identified by Quality Reports

  Your hospital's description scorecard shows that the pliancy had a inferior  rate of consent for the forthcoming description values compared to other  hospitals in the area:  Percent of nature insufficiency patients delay left ventricular systolic  dysfunction (LVSD) who are prescribed an ACEI or ARB at hospital  discharge Number of quick myocardial infarction (MI) patients who are prescribed a beta-blocker at hospital discharge Percentage of ischemic tickle patients administered (given) anti-thrombotic therapy by the end of hospital day 2 Hospital administration lacks the act increase team to  research the practicable causes for these rates and to clear some  potential solutions that accomplish acceleration better consent. Select the  components of the processes evaluated in these values that you apprehend  may pretend consent. (You may lack to reconsideration the value definitions  and satisfied at  which interpret the processes and outcomes compromised). Then, clear one  or two ideas for solutions for each value, such as educating staff or  changing a workflow. Using APA format, transcribe a 3 page design to the act  increase team that details the clinical and negotiative processes  which you revere are compromised that the team should oration in creating  an increase drawing. Be assured to substantiate the clinical and negotiative  data that accomplish be needed to awaken processes and enumerate how they  pretend outcomes (mortality).