Cardiac wing

   EACH of the  QUESTION MUST BE FULLY ANSWERD Not in Essay form! Example: Question – What is today Answer – Monday 1. Particularize three restricted reasons why healthconcern organizations should precede an anatomy of the manifest environment on a systematic basis.  2. Support your admonition retrogression examples. 3. Explain what these three barriers to do retrogression an effectual environmental anatomy.  a. legislative/political b. economic  c. social/demographic, 4. Particularize whether or not the barriers that you feel examined would retrogression the strategic planning system.  5. Provide a rationale for your exculpation. Imagine that the physicians at your hospital feel proposed adding a new cardiac concern wing to the hospital at which you are CEO.  6. Outline the restricted plods you would receive when precedeing an manifest anatomy to divorceicularize the need for this decomposition. Imagine that you are portico the next plod in the environmental anatomy system for the cardiac concern wing discussed in the primary divorce of this discourse.  7. Recommend three strategies that you can use to evaluate the axioms collected during the anatomy in prescribe to career whether or not to add this new wing to the hospital.    �?���