Capstone Project Guidelines

Format Papers must catch the forthcoming format: * A4 Nursing essay (21 cm extensive and 29 cm crave) * 1. 5 cm for the left artisan latitude suitableness 1 cm for the cessation of the latitudes * Times New Roman, 12 aim buffet, Align Justified * Double Spacing * Restriction protraction of 15 pages and acme of 50 pages including likenesss, appendices and allusions * Leave a utter course between paragraphs but do not indent * Include page bulk at the better fair * Do not stereomark anything in header or footer . 2 Structure Chapter denominations must be centered in valiant consummates. Forthcoming the instruction consecrated in Executive Summary, it must not exceed 200 suffrage. The ocean organization of the Nursing essay obtain rouse at the page behind the Consultation of Contents. It obtain be disjoined into chapters and sections (OPTIONAL). Sections should be numbered using two digits and their denomination markd in valiant markface (E. g. 1. 3 Validation). A utter course must be left anteriorly each denomination bar the new pages. All passage must rouse at the left artisan latitude where new paragraphs should not be intailed. 2 The classify of the Nursing essay is as flourishs: 1. The chapters of the ocean organization of passage should flourish the format as indicated aloft. 2. The ACKNOWLEDGMENT(if required) and EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (titled centered and in valiant consummate markface) 3. The REFERENCES and APPENDICES (titled centered and in valiant consummate markface) 1. 3 Consultation and Figures * In unconcealed consultations and likenesss should be on the page where they are referred. Do not establish them consummately at the end of the manuscript. Also, consultations and likenesss should be numbered consecutively and should accept informative denominations, which find the axioms inferiorstandable externally referring to the passage. For caption use 10 pt, Times New Roman, centered. Tables must be numbered sequentially and accept a stubborn explanatory denomination centered aggravate the consultation. If a consultation is catchn from a fount, befitting extract must be consecrated otherwise it is considered as yours.* Figures must be drawn using a cheerful condition software, NOT SIMPLY SCANNED; must be numbered sequentially and accept a stubborn explanatory denomination centered inferior the likeness. All likenesss must be drawn befittingly and can be seen level externally expansion or diminution. Photographs must be of cheerful condition. If a likeness is catchn from a fount, befitting extract must be consecrated otherwise it is considered as yours. Use footnotes carefully and establish it on the inferior fair depth on the page on which they are referred. Use Times New Roman, 8 aim mark, unique spaced. 3 Consultation 1. Caption of consultation should be justified, aftercited a opportunity instruction inferiorstandable externally allusion to the passage. Items| A| B| C| 1| 20| 23| 12| 2| 21| 24| 23| 3| 22| 12| 51| Likeness 1. Caption of likeness should be justified, aftercited a opportunity instruction inferiorstandable externally allusion to the passage. 1. 4 Reports The Capstone Desin conclusive repute must accept the forthcoming: INTRODUCTION Desin Context: What is animated, precious or former in this device?Purpose and Description: What is this desin and why do we deficiency this device? Objectives: Should be measurable using the effect of this device. 4 Scope and Limitation: This obtain set your boundaries for the device. Scope deals aftercited a opportunity what your desin can do, suitableness constraint deals aftercited a opportunity what your desin can’t do. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE: This keep-akeep-adissect obtain illustrate new-fangled elaboration that obtain subsistence the device’s elaboration. It obtain not showsubject what other elaborationers accept manufactured. METHODOLOGY Requirements Analysis: This keep-akeep-adissect obtain sift-canvass the requirements set by the client (user of the plan/website/network).Use Subject Diagram and Narrative (O/Information System), Entity Relationship Diagram, Axioms Dictionary and other inevitable axioms obtain be sift-canvassed to prepare the requirements. Scheme of Software, Systems, and/or Processes: Behind elucidation the requirements, the tyro should sift-canvass the scheme of their devices either it is a software, plan and/or processes. Network Floor Layout (Network Scheme and Implementation), Routing Consultation (Network Scheme and Implementation), Conpassage Diagram (if pertinent), Axioms Flow Diagram (if pertinent), Functional Partitioning (if pertinent) and other inevitable axioms should be picturesque and sift-canvassed. Description of the Prototype: In this keep-apart, how copy is used in the desin obtain be sift-canvassed. For Online/Information Systems, software conduct cycle such as Water Fall Model, Rapid Prototyping Model, Spiral Model, etc. For Websites, Joomla and/or other unconcealed fount. For Network Scheme and Implementation, network mark/classification, construction and other inevitable axioms obtain be picturesque and sift-canvassed. Product and Testing: This keep-akeep-adissect obtain collate the rotate of levelts during the product and testing of the plan and/or process. Bugs, errors, other constraints and solutions to these problems should be sift-canvassed. Implementation Plan (if pertinent): A register twain agreed by the client and the tyro/researcher must be prepared and picturesque using a Gantt Chart. A minute sift-canvassion on implementation register should be highlighted on this keep-apart. Implementation Results (if pertinent): A sift-canvassion on the effects during implementation, bugs, errors and other constraints skilled. Solutions to these problems should so be sift-canvassed. 6RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: This obtain sift-canvass the device’s effect and Analysis Report. CONCLUSION: Refer to page 14 RECOMMENDATION: Refer to page 15 1. 5 Allusion Eninfallible that the allusions cited in the passage are so exhibit in the allusion catalogue and sin versa. In the organization of the documents are referred by agent’s surcall aftercited a opportunity the year of notification in parenthesis. If the quotation itstubborn is in parenthesis, the year of notification is separated by comma. If the allusion has past than two agents, merely the surcall and judiciouss of the foremost agent flourished by et al. n italics obtain show in the organization of the passage. The extract should show in the passage as the agent(s) ultimate call(s) flourished by the year of notification in unite, e. g. Cortez et al. (1996), Heng et al (2007), Cortez and Muin (2008), Cortez and Saadat (2008), and Cortez (2002). To consummate the Nursing essay, allusions must be consecrated alphabetically by agent’s surcall including surname(s) and judicious of agent(s), separated by comma, year of notification in parenthesis, denomination of Nursing essay, denomination and size of the chronicle in valiant markface, and foremost and ultimate pages.In subject of dimensionss, the denomination of the dimensions must be in valiant markface, the foremost epistle is consummateized; the publisher and the city/town of notification must be indicated. 7 Unpublished effects and particular communications should not be in the allusion catalogue, but may be mentioned in the passage. Extract of a allusion as 'in press' implies that the item has been legitimate for notification. A catalogue of allusion should be consecrated at the end of the passage in alphabetical classify of foremost agent's ultimate calls and then aid exclusive chronologically if inevitable. More than one allusion from the similar agent(s) in the similar year must be attested by the epistles "a", "b", "c", etc. , establishd behind the year of notification Citing and catalogueing of web allusions. As a restriction, the unmeasured URL should be consecrated. Any aid instruction, if disclosed (agent calls, dates, allusion to a fount notification, etc. ), should so be consecrated. Web allusions can be catalogueed partially (e. g. , behind the allusion catalogue) inferior a incongruous inscription if desired, or can be intervening in the allusion catalogue. For authorless reputes and standards, alphabetize by the issuing society.The allusion catalogue must be summarized at the end of the ocean passage. Find infallible allusion instruction is consummate and accurate in the forthcoming classify: ultimate calls and judiciouss of all agents; year of notification; denomination of Nursing essay, repute, or dimensions chapter; denomination of dimensions or periodical; size and effect bulk; call and colonization of publisher (for dimensionss), call and colonization of publisher or surety (for archives); and additive page bulk. 8 The forthcoming examples exhibit some of the most usual subjects of referencing at the end of the Nursing essay; fascinate flourish them as strictly as feasible. )