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The decisive condition is the meekness of the Functional Portfolio. This instrument should accept been productioning in HMSV 180- Particular and Functional Development in Human Services and obtain be due at the end of this career. The grading flake for the portfolio is as follows: 90-100 points = A     80-85 points = B    70-75 points = C    60-65 points = D 86-89 points = B+    76-79 points = C+    66-69 points = D+    0-59 points = F The conditions for submitting the portfolio are the following: Portfolio Components 1. Particular vision assertion.* 2. Current return.* (Should conceive internship experiences.) 3. Sample job continuity meet epistle.* 4. Two particular or office intimation epistles.* 5. Capstone Essay Abstract (A one page tabulation of your Capstone Essay). 6. Brief tabulation of Internships I, II, and III after a while Site Supervisor Evaluations. 7. Two functional intimation epistles. 8. Functional Netproduction (A register of those who distinguish your production after a while their continuity counsel.) 9. Certificates, plan instrumentation, photos or other items that demonstrate particular and functional enlargement. Be stable to tend you own representation of your completed portfolio for your own use. Items 1-4 followed by * must be submitted in HMSV 180: Particular & Functional Development. All items must be submitted in HMSV 490: Internship III: Capstone Seminar.