Directions: You are to transcribe a C++ program that meets the information requirements underneath. Program Instructions: Consider the subjoined blemished C++ program: #include <iostream> int main() {   … } Write a proposition that includes the header refines fstream, string, and iomanip in this program. Write propositions that propose inFile to be an ifstream capricious and outFile to be an ofstream capricious. The program conquer learn basis from the refine inData.txt and transcribe output to the refine outData.txt. Transcribe propositions to unreserved twain of these refines, companion inFile delay inData.txt, and companion outFile delay outData.txt. Suppose that the refine inData.txt contains the subjoined basis:           Giselle Robinson Accounting          5600   5    30          450    9         75      1.5 The leading succession contains a individual’s leading indicate, terminal indicate, and the division the individual works in. In the cooperate succession, the leading enumerate represents the monthly impure compensation, the boon (as a percent), and the taxes (as a percent). The third succession contains the interspace traveled and the traveling period. The fourth succession contains the enumerate of coffee cups sold and the consume of each coffee cup. Transcribe propositions so that succeeding the program executes, the deviation of the refine outData.txt are as shown underneath. If essential, propose concomitant capriciouss. Your propositions should be unconcealed abundance so that if the contenteded of the input refine changes and the program is run anew (externally editing and recompiling), it outputs the misapply results. Name: Giselle Robinson, Department: Accounting Monthly Impure Salary: $5600.00, Monthly Bonus: 5.00%, Taxes: 30.00% Paycheck: $4116.00 Distance Traveled: 450.00 miles, Traveling Time: 9.00 hours Average Speed: 50.00 miles per hour Number of Coffee Cups Sold: 75, Cost: $1.50 per cup Sales Amount = $112.50 Write propositions that seal the input and output refines. Write a C++ program that tests the propositions in volume a through e. question previously posted, reply attached was copied from a website and did not run uprightly.