Assignment Instructions Prepare a liberal phrase contour for elimination Nursing essay encircling customer labor. The contour should apprehend a clothe page and catalogue of references.  The contour should be a reserve of two double-spaced pages (not counting clothe and references). The point of the contour is to aid you fir the structure of your latest Nursing essay.  Follow this structure:  I.  Introduction       A.  Thesis:  Include your disquisition proposition close. II.  Body - Paragraph 1: Topic          A.  Supporting Evidence           1.  Explanation           2.  Why is this leading? III.  Body - Paragraph 2: Topic IV.  Repeat to apprehend a reserve of 3 helped topics (help your disquisition proposition). V. Conclusion Continue this format to clothe all paragraphs in the organization of your Nursing essay.  You must accept at smallest three topics in the organization.  Do not lose to apprehend the disposal.  End after a while a catalogue of References.  Please see the fixed muniment for a pattern liberal phrase contour.  Scroll down in the muniment to the "liberal phrase contour" specimen. View the fixed rubric for further details on how this assignment obtain be graded.