Business Requirement Document

The CEO and CIO possess legitimate your recommendations for implementing an EDMS for the Hollywood Organic Co-op’s five sites. They possess requested that you disclose a calling claimments muniment (BRD) that details the claimments and intention for an deed EDMS. Begin launched on the notification that must be moderate in the definite calling claimments muniment due in Week 6. Write a 2- to 3-page claimments muniment draw that addresses creating a new EDMS to be used by your congregation to treasury and vestige all e-documents. Identify the expressions of e-documents and other willing that can be created (e.g., scholarship, spreadsheets, reports, or brochure images). For each expression of e-document, afford an copy e-muniment that may be in the Hollywood Organic Co-op structure. Define the key personnel amid the Hollywood Organic Co-op structure who claim admittance to the EDMS. Describe misspend argumentative admittance controls for the EDMS established on the roles amid the structure who claim admittance to each expression of e-document. Note: You may format this assignment in a bulleted register, muniment table, or other arrangement of your dainty in a Microsoft® Word muniment. A truth or methodical brochure is not claimd.