In each module in this series, your SLP assignments conquer found upon each other. For your SLP assignments, you conquer be creating an liberal PowerPoint offer (PPT). For your Module 3 SLP, decipher the forthcoming season: Rodak, S. (2012). 10 Pillars of Victory for Top Healthsolicitude Workplaces. Retrieved from Remember, you accept been denominated the Administrative Director at Trident International Hospital (TIH) and conquer be giveing your PPT to the Board of Directors at TIH for plaudit. TIH is restructuring to as the popular needs of their consumers. The season discusses 10 pillars of victory for top sanity solicitude workplaces. In 5-6 affixed slides, you are to: Select three of the pillars discussed in the season and give how these pillars are life-supporting to TIH’s consumers, subsistence services, trade operations, and government. Research and excellent a sanity solicitude mould (i.e., Value Based, Volume Based, Fee-For-Service, Cost-Based, etc.) for TIH. Provide rationale how the excellented mould addresses the 3 pillars of victory and conquer as the popular needs of TIH’s consumers. Your PPT should be functional and collect existing notice. At this sharp-end (delay the sequence of slides from Module 1 & 2 SLP), your completion offer should be at meanest 15-18 slides (not including the heading and regard slide). Speaker notes are required. SLP Assignment Expectations Conduct affixed elimination to supplement adequate notice to subsistence your delineation of your office form chart.   Limit your PPT to a consummation of 18 slides. Support your SLP delay peer-reviewed seasons, delay at meanest 3-4 regards. Use the forthcoming fount for affixed notice on how to concede peer-reviewed journals: You may use the forthcoming fount to help in your formatting your assignment: For affixed notice on reliability of founts resurvey the forthcoming fount: