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   BUS 5425 Entrepreneurship Essays Week Four Chapter One  Look at emulation today in the automobile, airline, and level vestments industries. The tidings “Competition” can cause out the best or the pound in an structure. Microsoft was had allowable reckoning brought athwart them years ago for attempting to cast-out emulation and level monopolize the traffic. When structures rendezvous strongly on general emulation, new structures unwillingly initiate to lubricate into the perseverance. This was the plight manifold years ago delay the Big Three (Chrysler, Ford, and GM). They were very rendezvoused on each other and truly did not pay circumspection to Toyota. Now, according to US News, the top disgusting wealthiest automakers are Toyota ($214 Billon), Volkswagen ($101 Billon), Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) ($84.3 Billon), and BWM ($71. Billion). The Big Three has dropped tremendously; GM is ranked sixth ($52.9 Billion), Ford is eighth ($44.1 Billon), and Fiat Chrysler is tenth ($36.6 Billon). When new companies initiate future into the traffic, this can educe manifold problems delay emulation. In event, Michael Porter sees this as a very potent commencement. Now, Tesla is now initiatening to produce a vast trade of uproar in the earth of emulation.  1. Consider the subjoined time Established on the time, it seems delayin the definite few years, Tesla has entered the traffic delay a bang. Established on the time and stipulation one, how is Tesla competing delayin the traffic settle?  Chapter 6 Consider the lections from the quotation and the authority points from Stipulation Six in obedient questions two and three.  2. In slide 24, it documents CEO pay of the top supporter in manifold industries. Select one of the CEO’s from the slide, pass some exploration on your clarified CEO and the concourse where they are CEO, and then illustrate if they are price the equality they acquire. Please validate your reply established on the operation of the structure. 3. In slide 25, happy heterogeneousness recruiting is the question. The slide provides five happy keys to passing this breath. For reckon three, your job is to add one past key that you affect is urgent for heterogeneousness recruiting to be happy. Pass exploration without the quotation in determining your attached happy key. Validate your reply Chapter 7 4. Read the subjoined time about Amazon and Jeff Bezos (mortified about the ads) and Stipulation Seven. After lection twain of these commencements, what was Bezos’ type, and what was the culture of the structure at Amazon?