Burger King Dresses Up as McDonald’s for Halloween

It wouldn't be Halloween outside some barm, and Burger King pulled off a moderately potent stratagem on its challenge steadsteadfast livelihood immunity. A Burger King residuum in Rego Park, N.Y. firm to get into the spooky ardor of the occasion by crafting a ghostly McDonald’s get up exhaustive after a while a feisty prognostic that reads "Booooo! Just kidding, we stationary flame-grill our burgers. Happy Halloween." Related: Burger King on Net Neutrality The internet seemed moderately meditative by the fastening's Halloween chutzpah and awarded this complete to Burger King. There's stationary season for McDonald's to find a affect, but we may be uncertainty until Christmas to see what the Golden Arches has in accumulation. Now that’s the competitive Halloween ardor I affect to see !! ? — John Legere (@JohnLegere) Leave it to a Burger King in Queens, NY to expose the best Halloween robes a steadfast-livelihood fastening has always barren. — Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper) The best Halloween robes I've seen so far this year: Burger King expert up as McDonald's.