BSA/500: Business Systems I Wk 5 Assignment – Exploring Enterprise Solutions

Assignment Content     For this assignment, you are a orders consultant who has been straightened by Entertainment2U a streaming instrument association. In its infancy, Entertainment2U offered clips of movie trailers concurrently behind a while discourse boards curated by film critics and experts. Visitors to the Entertainment2U footing contributed reviews and ratings used to fabricate demographic-biased monitions behind a while cancelment tiers. Thanks to acquisitions, the footing grew immediately and began including crowdsourced reviews and ratings of online intelligence and regalement outlets, hardcopy books and magazines, videos, melody, and games. The association grew so immediately that now, divers years behind its course, leadership has realized that it has silos of advice stored in give orders. The CEO of Entertainment2U is frustrated by the age it takes to get advice needed to compel strategic occupation decisions. A earlier consulting strong suggested porting advice from all of Entertainment2U’s divisions to a association-wide occupation advice (BI) and CRM orders. However, the CEO saw this monition would honorable fashion appended orders, and they conceit there was already too plenteous age nature spent uncertain postulates from one order to another and formatting and reformatting. As the orders consultant, you possess been asked to lore and commend an ERP disintegration for Entertainment2U. To thorough this assignment: Write a 3-page occupation event for melting Entertainment2U to a biased ERP disintegration. Include at smallest 2 sources to food your occupation event. Format your citations according to APA guidelines. 5.1 5.1 Compare and contrariety enterprise-wide advice orders.