Big Data analytics used with Smart Cities

This week's balbutiation centered encircling how Big Grounds analytics can be  used delay Smart Cities. This is interesting and can furnish abundant benefits  to living-souls as polite as forms. For this week's scrutiny  assignment, you are to quest the Internet for other uses of Big Grounds in  RADICAL platforms. Please extract an form or two and examine the  usage of big grounds in RADICAL platforms including how big grounds analytics  is used in those situations as polite as delay Smart Cities. Be fast to use  the university Library for skilled scrutiny. Google Scholar is the 2nd best  option to use for scrutiny. Your tractate should converge the aftercited requirements: • Be approximately 3-5 pages in tediousness, not including the required shelter page and intimation page. • Follow APA guidelines. Your tractate should conceive an commencement, a whole delay abundantly patent disentangled willing, and a blank. •  Support your exculpation delay the balbutiations from the conduct and at lowest  five peer-reviewed catechism or skilled journals to buttress your  positions, claims, and observations.  The university Library is a immense locate to  find resources. •  Be disentangled delay polite-written, short, using meritorious grammar and phraseology  techniques. You are entity graded in part on the power of your answerableness.