Benchmark – Human Experience Across the Health-Illness Continuum

  Research the heartiness-malady continuum and its junction to unrepining heed. In a 750-1,000 order paper, sift-canvass the junction of the continuum to unrepining heed and bestow a perspective of your prevalent avow of heartiness in bearing to the wellness spectrum. Include the following: Examine the heartiness-malady continuum and sift-canvass why this perspective is relevant to deduce in bearing to heartiness and the cosmical trial when caring for unrepinings. Explain how conception the heartiness-malady continuum enables you, as a heartiness heed provider, to emend exalt the estimate and modesty of beings or groups and to minister others in ways that exalt cosmical beautiful. Reflect on your overall avow of heartiness. Sift-canvass what behaviors buttress or diminish from your heartiness and well-being. Explain where you prevalently lapse on the heartiness-malady continuum. Discuss the options and media accelerationful to you to acceleration you instigate inside wellness on the heartiness-malady spectrum. Describe how these would relieve in tender you inside wellness (managing a continuous malady, recovering from an malady, self-actualization, etc.). Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines root in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract