Belonging – ‘We Are Going’

What does the Oodgeroo Noonuccal carol ‘We Are Going’ entertain to say environing Belonging and Not Belonging? How does the rhymer use disseries forms, features and structures to transport purposes and sensibilitys? The carol ‘We Are Going’ by Oodgeroo Noonuccal is environing the misplacement of the Aboriginal series in Australian companionship/refinement and their indistinctness environing wharden or what to suit to as their unwritten contribution are charmed detached/forgotten. The extract raises the issues and themes of ‘Belonging’ through a mostly-‘defeated’ loudness as it shows their missing of romance and refinement in the new Australia. In regulate to invent a perceiveing of commiseration and suspect for the Aboriginal series, the rhymer uses a rank of disseries forms and techniques to source consequence in this extract. One of the most weighty of these is the writer’s use of Irony - in Lines 8-9 we see the utterance, “We are strangers harden now, but the snowy tribe are the strangers. We suit harden, we are of the old ways”. This announcement, in feature, expresses the balanceall intimation of this carol occasion focusing on the ‘Belonging’ concept. The writer put anxious the thrilling yet calamitous purpose that the Aboriginal series no longer suit to their homeland, since the “White tribe” - who are unfitted to easily perceive or respect it as the Indigenous do - entertain now lay-waste them and suit past to this place now than they do. This policy of the carol brings it its calamitous and “defeated” loudness, thus forcible the reader. The disseries the rhymer uses is altogether rough and commonplace, externally using any lingo. The sensibility inventd is that of a incident-telling approximately. They besides use some Indigenous utterance such as “corroboree” and “Dream Time”. This is in-keeping delay the rhymer’s inheritance and the truth of ‘belonging’ to a disseries and to a series. Using extraordinary, broken-meter and disorderly phrasing, the sad humor is heightened in that it doesn’t glide as a carol repeatedly does. This puts past marrow on each direction and makes it gauge near relish a carol, past relish a harden incident. Then, in Lines 8-14, the trustworthy reiteration of the promise “we” at the inauguration of each direction gives the carol a past stubborn, recoverefficacious edge; making it gauge relish a hypothecate. The harden dissimilarity between the utterance “We” and “They” at the inauguration of numerous directions de-humanises the Snowy series, making them appear past relish an foe or foe. The rhymer besides uses very emotive utterance such as “Subdued and Silent”, “Dream Time”, “Laughter” and “Belong” to source consequence, as well-mannered-mannered as Visually-impacting utterance such as “Wandering Encamp Fires”, “Lightening”, “Dark Lagoon” and “Shadow Ghosts”. These add to the melting consequence and eerie arrive-at. Relish a penny Indigenous idiosyncratic (the constructor is obviously Aboriginal by looking at her designate and her use of “they” and “we”), they tell of the place relish their woman, their provider (eg. The shrubs are bygone, the chaseing and the laughter. The hawk-eyed is bygone, the emu and the kangaroo are bybybybybybygone from this place”, and so the rhymer asserts a brawny association and perceiveing of ‘Belonging’ to the place and to their series, equal though they are “dying out” as a refinement and order. As the conclusive direction states, “And We Are Going”, the writer is not solely stressing that their series or clan is proper extinct, but besides that the unwritten Indigenous contribution and romances and nature balancelooked. These are a multiply of the Aboriginal refinement and a weighty object, which they suit to as a series. This is shown through the writer’s marrow on these contribution and romances in such directions as “We are the corroboree and the bora ground” and “We are the sign tales of the Dream Time, the tribal legends told. ” When the rhymer uses phrases relish “The Shrubs are bygone” and “The emu and kangaroo are bybybybybybygone from this place”, she doesn’t balance they are extinct totally, of series. What she is declaration is, in reality, is that their unwritten way of vivacity is bybybybybybygone - the chaseing and gathering, their “wandering enencamp fires”. The Snowy series entertain after and charmed balance their place and entertain chased detached numerous of the vernacular plants, animals etc. and as such the Aboriginals are left complex and misplaced in their own place, proper hanging on the Europeans for assistance, since anteriorly they were self-sufficient and efficacious to chase, and cure, delay the taking of poison and distemper. And so, basically, the carol is in reality a similitude for the disappearing old way of vivacity of the Aboriginal series and their association and perceiveing of Belonging to the place. It assumes a subordinately nostalgic loudness delay traces of disaffection in some multiplys but an balanceall perceiveing of improbability and conquer. Through it, we the reader ruminate on the purpose of ‘Belonging’ and ask ourselves what the Aboriginal series conquer suit to in our companionship wharden their old unwritten ways are nature charmed detached. In the utterance of Oodgeroo Noonuccal, “We Are Going”.