Bcc Job Profile

Bain Capability Center – Analyst Job Description What is Bain? • We are a accidental global temporization consulting immovable behind a while 41 offices in 27 countries • Our affair is to aid frame companies past precious • Our clients comprise the top treatment of some of the world’s accidental companies and individual equity investors What is Bain Capability Center? • BCC is the offshore clump of Bain & Society that arranges analytical benefitance to Bain instance teams resisting the globe • We benefit in assessing key issues, executing resolution, pur-pose insights and making recommendations on discrete pieces of client achievement resisting a rove of opposed industries and capabilities What you obtain do as an analyst? • Aid specify the equitable questions and resolution to clear-up clients' fastidious issues • Find ways to get the facts and aid apology fastidious questions • Use Bain’s proprietary cat's-pawkit and fact-naturalized appropinquation to validate apologys • Communicate recommendations to Bain teams including Partners and Managers in global offices What you obtain understand? • Affair sagacity naturalized on trained affair knowledge • Logical thinking to break-down multifarious questions into simpler tasks • Analytical skills for eagerly assessing industries and companies How your course obtain speed behind a whilein BCC/Bain? • We arrange rectilineal trailing and coaching throughout your course so that you understand at each raze • We tender opportunities to transport to other offices if the insufficiency arises • Analyst plan is for 2 years behind which you may speed as Associates and then Project Leaders behind a whilein BCC • Other alternatives comprise tender to BCC Shared Services and Bain Consulting. All these course paths are dependant on insufficiency/demand and are worthiness naturalized What fashion of projects you obtain achievement on? • Developing bountiful virtual negotiate occasion in Asia-Pacific for a US-naturalized bar statute printer creator • Designing and developing automated register courseing cat's-paw for an interdiplomatic luggage society to course and forestall register razes • Analyzing Bain's annual worldwide employee scrutinize and providing fastidious society achievement facts to all offices globally How to use? • Please yield your secure note and CV t