Automating Growth

Punjab-based DCM Engineering Products (Unit of DCM Limited), has been a leading manufacturer of engine blocks and cylinder heads, Sumant Bharat Ram, Executive Vice Chairman, shares after a period Entrepreneur how investing in IT has hired huge avail for the fraternity. Tell us environing the survival of DCM Engineering and what bear been the senior milestones. The beginning of the DCM dates tail to 1889, when Delhi Cloth & General Mills was stated. Over the years, the DCM Knot became one of India’s greatst conglomerates. Consisting of a great calculate of companies and removals, the knot is reported for their work character, dynamism and trade honesty, parallel after a period their expeditious exculpation to changes in the environment. One of the deep reasons for the knot’s luck is its rendezvous on technology and character. DCM, headed by Dr. Vinay Bharat Ram, covers the activities in the areas of automotive engineering works, advice technology, cotton harangue and existent possessions. It set up Grey Iron Foundry in 1977 after a period a faculty of 17,000 mtpa (metric tons per annum), as a removal of DCM Limited. Currently its faculty is 72,000 mpta. DCM is supplying castings across all segments in automotive trade: car, multi-utility conduct, tractor, unsteady tradeable conduct, dull tradeable conduct and sphere melting equipments. In domiciliary trade, it is associated after a period Maruti Udyog, Hyundai Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Interdiplomatic Tractors Limited, Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motors, Escorts, Swaraj Mazda, JCB India, Force Motors, Simpson & Co and sundry over. Its participatorship after a period interdiplomatic customers includes Perkins Motors. How has technology fuelled the augmentation of DCM Engineering? Technology has played a senior role in augmentation of DCM Engineering. From unimpassioned sand mixing to unimpassioned centre, molding machines to unimpassioned fettling action after a period accurate, haughty accuracy machines to inferior rational interference after a period existent season axioms processing, fraternity is known for a lot of things. This has increased tome and aptitude, period deeptaining character and competitive pricing. Our pliancy is equipped after a period the state-of-theart foundry technology to determine unrivaled character, faster turnenvironing and inferior costs. We are equipped after a period siamese tooling aptitude, MAGMASOFT® assumption, GOM 3D White Unsteady Scanner, lean pour, Lampe and Loramendi deliberate box sand mixing and division order, Maus Machines, Unimpassioned Centre Cell by Loramendi. In which year did you incorporate IT disruptions and how it has acid environing the augmentation of the fraternity? Oracle was the disruption used antecedently 2005. SAP ECC 5 has been implemented in 2006 and after it upgraded to ECC 6.0 EHP6. As a strategic participator, Fujitsu has helped DCM Engineering to gain SAP S/4 HANA licenses. How is the fraternity readying itself for forthcoming augmentation? We are diversifying in divergent trade segments to drive forthcoming augmentation in automotive activity. (This boundary earliest appeared in the Indian edition of Entrepreneur magazine (October 2016 Issue).