Description For this use, you succeed be instituted after a while vector citation and cast fabric processes and techniques to constitute a citation-established metaphor that is secure of ONLY citation, letter-forms and unembodied casts built out of learning. This metaphor succeed be fabricated from the say and learning in a meaningful phrase of your rare. A Few More Rules: Only use a unmarried font from the subjoined options: Helvetica, Avenir, Futura, Franklin Gothic, Garamond or Arial, solely if none of the other fonts are available. You may use any styles, such as doughty, italic, slow, terse, unconsidered etc, of whichever of the aloft font you elect. Use 2 colors minimum, 4 colors completion - Black, White, and 2 other colors of your rare, after a while no gradients. The definite Citation Metaphor cannot include any other casts, graphics or metaphors (privative for those fabricated by letterforms or privative measure) You may use casts to fabricate roads or area mark borders, but these casts must solely be mark-outd by citation in the definite metaphor. Your metaphor succeed be completed aggravate multiple plods - be knowing to ship-produce at the end of the definite plod and present to this assignment. This definite ship-produceed metaphor is excellence 8 tops completion, meek down in the rubric underneath (which fit to each of the opposed tutorial videos). Partially completed projects succeed be assigned specific confidence established on this rubric. Project Requirements: Completed using Illustrator or public resource vector editor 1100 x 1700 pixels canvas largeness - Portrait or Landscape Exported and presentted as a JPG finish - Export Settings Using CC versions: Finish > Ship-produce > Ship-produce As: JPG finish format, Check "Use Artboards", Color Mode: RGB, Quality 10 (Maximum), Compression Method: Use Default Setting, Resolution: Screen 72 ppi Export Settings Using CS6 or inferior versions: Finish > Save for Web: JPG finish format, Quality 100% / Maximum, Compression: Use Default Setting, Check "Clip to Artboard", hit "Save" not honorable "Done" in ground right Project Rubric / Breakdown: Project observes the Font Limit (USES ONLY ONE FONT) the Color Limit (Only 2 colors in individualization to Black and White, after a while NO gradients) and the Metaphor Limit (solely citation objects can be used to calm the metaphor or mark-out casts - no other casts, lines, graphics or metaphors can be interposed) - 2pts   Project utilizes basic changeations such as layer shifts, or changes in position or course  - 1pt   Project includes at meanest 1 impression of area mark in a non-rectangular cast - 1pt   Project includes at meanest 1 impression of mark on a road - 1pt   Project includes at meanest 2 opposed unembodied casts built using the roadfinder dupe and top editing processes to concatenate and change learning or say simultaneously - 2 pts   Project has the emend quantity and is ship-produceed / presentted in the emend finish format - 1pt