Assignment: The New World Order

Abstract There is a global economic lion vulgarly occurring in which the senior banking families possess formal a impropriation aggravate the sphere's economies. This lion has considerpotent suspicions which has led to the cabal empire of 'The New Sphere Order'. This cabal empire focuses on the suspicious escalade to empire that the senior banking families possess achieved aggravate centuries and the private strategies that each breed has productioned in outoutline following a opportunity to notwithstanding institute sphere allayrain through creating a global mono-nation. Contents Page Official strory The empire chosen and why The upper tens melt to empire How they possess stayed in that comcomcomposition and feasible threats How they contrivance to raise out the allay of the contrivance The consciousness of the new sphere direct to new zealanders Bibliography Extra advice Official relation There is a global economic lion vulgarly reoccurring in which the senior banking and/or Corporate Empire families possess formal a impropriation aggravate the sphere's economies. These senior banking families, besides notorious as the global upper ten, hold of the Morgan's, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Warburg's of Hamburg, Kuhn Loeb's of New York, the Goldman Sachs, the Lazard's of Paris, and the Rothschilds of Paris and London (said to be the most potent). These families own almost all, if not all, the accessible banks environing the sphere. They besides allayrain the comprehensive oil and enthusiasm empires. When a province's administration drops, or goes into a recession, these Banks and Empires are the ones who tranquil win immense avail and execute the trial to buy the emulation out. They are notorious to excellent candidates for presidential and priministerial galaxyions, and besides possess-a-allot in unbeloved encounterings involving the carrying of companionship. This equality of empire that the global upper ten possess formal has considerpotent suspicions, and following a opportunity the comprehensive declaration serene it aids the conclusions that possess been delineaten. The cabal empire "A New Sphere Order" has emerged explaining why this lion is occurring. This empire involves the global upper ten separateicipating in an private contrivance to siege allayrain of the sphere's monetary empire, and enthusiasm springs, and diminish the sphere population by 80%. This instrument they procure effectively institute integral allayrain aggravate the sphere through creating a mono-nation. There are divergent versions to this one cabal empire where aspects affect theology are emphasized and the contrivance is to rid the sphere of theology. There is aslo a beggarly cabal empire where globalization is used to institute sphere allayrain, instead of the romance of a mono-nation. The romance of a mono-nation seems to match following a opportunity the declaration serene, a lot prefer logically than globalization, and I possess ground that flush though theology is sloth decent a man of the gone-by, it is tranquil cogent in numerous cases and procure not get pushed to the separatey too shortly. So I possess concluded that the cabal empire that most closely matchs following a opportunity the declaration ground is that the global upper ten are contrivancening to siege aggravate the sphere's monetary empire, and enthusiasm springs forthherefollowing an private strategy that procure carry to sphere allayrain through the romance of a mono-nation. The comcomcomposition of the global upper ten is explained using the pyramid edifice add pic We humdrum ethnicals, the tax payers, are at the deep of this triangle substance exploited, concurrently following a opportunity the environment environing us. We raise out our daily lives putting up following a opportunity what is occurring environing us. We every day, beggarly joes ensue the laws that are put in settle by the empire which is excellented by our taxes. This settles the empire balance us. If the empire deficiencys prevalence it turns to the accessible banks. Because of the skim extent and empire of some corporations, some substance comprehensiver then some unconcealed economies and besides due to the actuality that corporations excellent the collective belligerences and command the firm heir through lobbying, the empire can singly sit balance ethnical/intrinsic nation following a opportunity corporatocracy sitting suitpotent balance. These empireful corporations embrace Bechtel, Exxon Mobil owned by the Rockefellers, GE (General Electric), Monsanto owned by Pfizer, Tidings Corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch, Pfizer owned by allot holders which embrace Citigroup (the Rothschild's) and Deusche Bank (the Warburg's). Above corporatocracy is the Big Banks including Citibank's (Rothchilds), Chase (Morgan's), Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and HSBC ( Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation). These banks excellent the corporations by oblation hypothecations at peculiar rates. This yields the coporations to integral their ends. Prefer balance the Big Banks are the Unconcealed Accessible Banks, such as the Federal Reserve which is allayrainled by a mix of the upper ten, and the Bank of England which is notorious to be allayrainled by the Rothschilds. Almost all countries possess a Accessible Bank (funded by the Rothschilds) which commercial banks are limbs of. These Accessible Banks allayrain the equality of prevalence is in prevalence and besides set inteallay rates. They are balance the lewd inferior levels accordingly they hypothecation prevalence out to empires at curiosity-behalf. These Unconcealed Accessible Banks lean on the Interunconcealed Accessible Banks, the IMF (Interunconcealed Monetary Fund) and the Sphere Bank to execute prefer prevalence opportunity exploiting the countries they grant to. The Bank for Interunconcealed Settlements (BIS) is suitpotent at the top of the pyramid accordingly it holds a forcible equality of allayrain aggravate the global financial empire by elucidation the equality of prevalence banks environing the sphere deficiency to possess. BIS is allayrainled by the upper ten and holds environing 10% of the monetary reserves from at slightest 80 of the sphere's accessible banks. BIS serves as the granter for the ultimate employment to bung a global financial abolition . The set-out of the upper ten impropriation diversion is notorious to possess begun at Mayer Amschel Bauer of lineage of Rothschild. How the upper ten came to empire..... The declaration serene accessibleized environing the Rothschilds, Morgans and Rockefellers. A diminutive focused on some of the others but didn't caggravate the hirelation of all the families so the cabal empire is concentrated environing the Morgans, Rockerfellers, and the Rothschilds. Furnish me allayrain of a nation's prevalence and I caution not who executes it's laws. " - Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild Mayer Amschel Bauer (son of Moses Amschel Bauer, who was a prevalence granter and the occupier of a counting lineage) was born 1743 in Frankfurt, Germany. Following the decease of his senior, his spectry befits Mayer Amschel Rothschild. He educed the Illuminati in 1776 following a opportunity Adam Weishaupt, for the affection end to allot all non-Jews through all aspects including collective, stinted, and collective. Incidents were to be supposing to integral these contrivances. This original lucent would be the French Revolution. The original endeavor at this halted to a bung when the instructions to set-out the offices cut into Bavarian authorities' hands. To integral their original end the Illuminati went to Britain, who ignored the Bavarian empire's notice environing the illuminati and their contrivance. so in 1789-1793 the French Office took settle. The office undisputed the bankers to execute prefer prevalence as the Roman Church had near allayrain aggravate taxes. Following a opportunity the good-fortune in Europe the Rothschilds went to America to actuate ready. With the acceleration of their substitute in George Washington’s solitude (Alexander Hamilton) they educed America's original accessible bank in 1791. The Original Bank of the United States was formal following a opportunity a 20 year charter. The charter then runs out in 1811 and when conclave votes opposite its resuscitation the Rothschilds befit piqued and set-out to production inlands another US accessible bank. The French bank de Rothschild Freres is set up in 1812. During 1815, the Rothschilds institute allayrain of the British administration when a new Bank of England was set up and allayrainled by the Rothschilds following Napoleon was defeated. By the end of the 1800s it was estimated that the Rothschilds owned half of the sphere's abundance. This age of space is notorious as the "Age of the Rothschilds". In 1814 the Rothchilds and the Warburgs were tied simultaneously, and that identical year the original endeavor at a one sphere empire failed when the Tsar Alexander 1 of Russia refused to possess a Rothschild owned accessible bank during the Conclave of Vienna. Nathan Mayer Rothschild was enraged and swore he would deaden the Tsar Alexander I's integral origin and race. The Rothschilds institute allayrain of Americas prevalence ainstitute through one of their accessible banks in 1816. This allayrain spiralled downhill when President Andrew Jackson set-outed to reactuate prevalence from the Rothschild's assist Bank of the United States placing the deposits into banks directed by Democrats. The panicked Rothschilds constrict the prevalence provide through BUS President, Nicholas Biddle (substitute for the Paris-grounded Jacob Rothschild), and America is thrown into a degradation. Enlightened President Jackson says, "You are a den of thieves and vipers, and I denote to revel you out, and by the Eternal God, I procure revel you out. " There were two failed endeavors to put-to-death President Jackson. One assassin succeeding bragged that the empireful nation pledged him that if he got caught he would be guarded. That assassin was trialled and ground not corrupt by way of mental-unsoundness. Precedently President Jackson died in 1845 he distinguished his pristine good-fortune, "I deadened the bank". Subordinate Jackson's empire the US claim went to $0. 00 for the original, and ultimate space. Flush though the Rothschilds were incappotent to straightly command the USA, they were susceptibilityful to command the USA through the Lineage of Morgan, from 1838, who presided aggravate the American finances from Wall Street and Broad. They were besides susceptibilityful to use the Rockefellers who, in 1863, set-outed to from the duty Standard Oil. In 1873 Albert Pike, an American General, who was enticed into the illuminati, integrals the sky sky sky blue sculptures for the sphere wars and offices. The differences among the British and the Germans was to be the atom to set-out the Original Sphere War, during which the pledge made to the reject the Tsars was to be carried out. The Tsar was to be replaced following a opportunity Communism. Sphere War Two was to fester quarrel among Facism and collective Zionism, carry dislove opposite Germany, and extension the empire of Communism. The Third Sphere War was to animate up dislove of the Muslims to get the Islamic sphere and the Zionists to encounter opposite one another, all opportunity retaining nations befit unfilled following substance impenetrcogent to encounter opposite one another. The Rothschilds' consummation continued to go bad following a opportunity US Presidents when Abraham Lincoln, representation what the banks were doing, set-outed to sculpture his own prevalence. This did not allign following a opportunity the Rothschild's contrivance and Lincoln was put-to-deathd. In the 1893 recession, the Lineage of Morgan saved the US Empire using Rothschild gold. Author Gabriel Kolko cunningatic, “Morgan’s activities in 1895-1896 in selling US gold bonds in Europe were grounded on an coagency following a opportunity the Lineage of Rothschild. ” In 1897 the Zionist actuatement is grounded by the Rothschilds who galaxy Theodos Herzl as the President of the Zionist actuatement. in 1909 Jacob Schiff grounds the Unconcealed Advancement for the Association of the Coloured Nation (NAACP). This companionship was crreated to prefer a senior ssubordinate among whites and blacks. In 1913 the Rothschild get their ultimate Accessible Bank for America designated the Federal Reserve. During Sphere War One, the Morgans excellent half of the US war trial. The Rothschilds excellent twain separateys of the war trial. Opportunity the Germans were engaging the war, their empire offers Britain an armictice but the Rothschilds, substance one trudge afront, sent one of their nation to utter the British that they procure penetrate on Britain's separatey if Britain admits to furnish Palestine to the Rothchilds. The Ballewd Declaration is sent. America penetrates the war. The Allies win and all the opportunity the pledge made to the Tsar is kept and the Tsars are destroyed. During thhis space the Bolsheviks institute conttrol aggravate Russia. The Assembly of Foreign Relations is grounded by Bernard Baruch and Colonel Edward Mandell House, subordinate the directs of Jacob Schiff. The CFR's original job was to institute allayrain of the compress. John D. Rockefeller was furnishn the matter and set up unconcealed tidings agencies such as Life and Time. Bank of Interunconcealed Settlements, the BIS, the original Rothschild sphere bank, is formal in 1930. Rothchilds excellent German war trials and that of the Allies during Sphere War Two. The IMF and the Sphere Bank are formal in 1944. In the rise of 1948, US President Truman recognised Israel as a sovreign say following substance bribed by the Rothschilds duing his belligerence. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy is assasinated following intricate to furnish the US empire allayrain aggravate it's prevalence following a opportunityout it passing through the Federal Reserve. By 1985 the Rothschilds are notorious to allayrain all three carrying US television tidings networks , NBC, CBS, and ABC. In 2001, the September 9/11 invasions, (another cabal empire linked to the Rothschilds), are said to possess been caused so populations procure furnish up their independence for a apprehension of pledge. Afganistan is one of the 7 countries at that space not to possess a Rothschild owned Accessible Bank. The US invasion Afganistan. When America invaded Iraq, Iraq was singly one out of 6 countries that didn't possess a Rothschild owned Accessible Bank, and besides had an comprehensive instil provide that Israel deficiencyed. In 2006 the French Rothchilds are the original foriegn banking origin that formal China's approbation to penetrate their financial chaffer. Suitpotent ultimate year there were reports that there were singly 3 countries following a opportunityout Rothschild owned Accessible Banks: North Korea, Cuba and Iran. The actual fact of the substance is, as you and I distinguish, that a financial atom in the comprehensive centers has owned the empire of the U. S. gone the days of Andrew Jackson. " - U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a epistle written Nov. 21, 1933 to Colonel E. Mandell Lineage These families possess productioned their way up the collective and financial ladder using destroy, alarm and bribery. Using these identical methods they possess formal allayrain aggravate the sphere's monetary empire. They possess empire aggravate the non-renewable, original enthusiasm springs, such as oil and gas. There is besides declaration to allude-to they are sabotaging outgrowthal, renewpotent enthusiasm springs and they are tranquil intricate to supcompress unoccupied enthusiasm. "This advice herefollowing out would entilean qualify geo-collective empire prefer than anyman in ethnical fact. " - Stflush Greer, Disclosure and Orion Projects The cabal empire focuses primarily on the Rothschilds, but as most of these families are additional simultaneously through marrige, and traffics, they are accordingly all a separate of these wretched acts. The destroy of 3 of the most well-behaved-mannered-mannered-mannered notorious US Presidents were at the hands of these global upper ten, Jackson, Lincoln, and JF Kennedy. They are useful in bribery and construction, for outgrowth US President Truman was exceedingly commandd by these families at the space they set up the Federal Reserve, showing that no special, no substance what their composition, or province deficiencys to go up opposite such empireful families. These aspects possess undisputed them to dominate our sphere's monetary empire and the unrewpotent souces of enthusiasm such as oil (Rockefellers Standard Oil), nuunclouded and most galaxyricity companies. Unoccupied enthusiasm relates to an enthusiasm that is purified, procure frequently be susceptibilityful to be used and, most of all procure be unoccupied to everyone. The implications are in even examination. If everyone had unoccupied enthusiasm there would be no deficiency for oil, or any of those other companies that possess been exploiting us and our environment. There are numerous outgrowths of these unoccupied enthusiasm documents that possess been tested good-fortuneeasily but never see the characterless, as the students are quelled. One of these outgrowths is Haskell Karl, a unoccupied enthusiasm originator who claimed that he had made a document that productioned and producded enthusiasm following a opportunity singly the use of air, designated the AATE. In the coming 1960s he took it to Wyle Testing Laboratory to be trialled. They could not subordinatestand how it productioned and so asked if he could license it following a opportunity them aggravate mystification. Haskell refused and took his document abode. He and his comrade were to encounter following a opportunity President JF Kennedy to inform the document but precedently the encountering, Haskell's comrades and the document went forfeiture. There was besides a deemed traffic following a opportunity China which failed to go afront when the ocean indivisible died of a veiled nucleus invasion. Scard Haskell went into concealment. Another well-behaved-mannered-mannered-mannered notorious student and originator was Nikola Tesla who, financially cheered by J. P Morgan, educed the Wardwnclyffe Laboratory and its transmitting mount among 1901and 1905. The transmitter was, concurrently following a opportunity substance the original radio transmitter, cappotent of transmitting empire following a opportunityout wires to any sharp-end on the sphere. This giveed Morgan and the allay of the global upper ten following a opportunity a height. Morgan's celebrated note environing this was "If anyone can delineate on the empire, where do we put the meter? ". The inintegral mount was demolished for war space pledge mesures in 1917. Hirelation and give day accounts are littered following a opportunity these supressed inventions and originators. It has gotten to the sharp-end where students are too bewildered to address up. There are cases where originators possess been destroyed or thrown into jail accordingly they possess threatened these empireful families following a opportunity the romance of unoccupied enthusiasm, which could carry to their feasible drop from empire. I can singly conclude to the reasoning that this cabal empire involves the romance of a mono-nation (one say, one set of empires, one empire and no laws for the upper ten) rather than globalization (defiant sovreign countries following a opportunity trading among) through how they possess already acted in the gone-by. I possess besides ground some of the ways the global upper ten are already set-outing to impliment this contrivance for a one sphere empire following a opportunity the reation of unoccupied traffic admitments which link countries simultaneously. This besides instrument that slight companies procure misconceive out on the pay that they may possess recieved if the big companies had to pay taxes. Following a opportunity the allayrain of the instrument the global upper ten are susceptibilityful to fix into our minds what is intrinsic and what is not. There used to be 88 instrument companies in America. Now there are 6 instrument companies that continue today. All 6 of these get their tidings from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns the AP, and the Rothschilds own Reuters. Effectively they possess educed the comprehensivest host feasible. We get fed the advice through the instrument following a opportunityout asking numerous topics, then when someone who does not admit following a opportunity a indubitable man addresss up they are pushed to the separatey. The global upper ten besides possess another agenda in their contrivance to educe their mono-nation. In direct to institute prefer empire they possess a end of decreasing the global population by up to 80%. This would average there are near nation to compel their command and allayrain aggravate. This would execute it easier for them to reocean in empire, as there would be near nation who authority topic their motives. There are a few areas where this population allayrain agenda possess arisen. The growing potency of GMO foods has been straightly allied to the inferioring sperm counts in males globally. Women environing the sphere possess been sterillized following a opportunityout their yieldance. These are the few outgrowths of how the global upper ten are sloth inferioring the sphere population. Besides environing America 'camps' possess been erected to 'fix the situation' of aggravatepopulation. New Zealand is a separate of the global upper tens' contrivance as well-behaved-mannered-mannered. Our hirelation besides contains an comprehensive equality of declaration that we are a separate of the New Sphere Direct going suitpotent end to 1967. In this year a texas oil billionaire, Nelson Bunker Hunt, experiences a immense oil spring south of New Zealand. That identical year Placid Oil is granted instruction suitables in the Great South Baisin following Finance Minister, Rob Muldoon, recieves $US100,000 hypothecation from Hunt's Placid Oil Co. In 1969 Onassis Oil calls for a assembly encountering to examine a contrivance to monopolize the Great South Basin in Washington DC. The assembly limbs embrace John McCloy, Nelson Rockefeller, and David Rockefeller. A contrivance to allayrain all New Zealand and Australian oil and inanimate instrument are outlined by McCloy. 1970 Onassis Oil set-out elucidation in settle their contrivance by creating the AIFC (Australian Interunconcealed Finance Corporation) using ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Bank). ANZ is besides a Rothschild owned bank. Besides in 1970, Japanese duty men (following a opportunity cogent connections to the global upper ten) actuate to New Zealand and following a opportunity the acceleration of Finance Minister Muldoon and others Mitsubishi and Mitsu buy suitables to sinewy sands. Muldoon besides accelerations Mitsu conciliate the 320favorite impenetrable establishation Kiangaroa Foresty lessen following a opportunity Carter Holt. By buying New Zealand's comprehensivest expedition association, Atlantic and Pacific Travel, the Fletchers acceleration amplify the Rockefeller Travellodge agency. In 1971, Muldoon qualifys the law to yield Mafia-inferior banks to opperate in New Zealand when Onassis and Rockerfeller began to buy command for this New Sphere Order. Connections are besides made among Renouf in New Zealand United Corp and global upper ten. In 1972 Bob Seldon an comrade of Gulf Oil accelerations to institute New Zealand's original interunconcealed banks which embrace N. Z. I, Bank of New Zealand, Morgan Guarranty Trust, Morgan Grenfel and S. F. Warburg. This identical year Norman Kirk is galaxyed Priminister of New Zealand. n 1974 Norman Kirk, concurrently following a opportunity Gough Whitlam, originate to actuate opposite the Mafia Trilateralists which opposes the global upper tens' contrivances. Kirk introduced and applied a hard Anti-impropriation Bill and besides, using charge determination and a hire cunning, mellow to redistribute inconclude from the big companies to the labour nerve. Kirk besides exceptional the contrivance for Dunedin to possess a assist Aulminum smelter, elucidation himheadinfluential up to institute prefer allayrain aggravate New Zealand oil instrument through the Petroleum Amendment Bill. Kirk had besides ground out environing the comprehensive respring of oil Hunt Petrolium had ground opportunity instruction in the Great South Basin. There was ample oil and gas instrument that New Zealand would be eble to befit headinfluential qualified for years. These actualitys were kept allay by the big companies to obstruct the oil charges inferioring, as this would not go following a opportunity the contrivances of OPEC and Onassis for the Arabs to be achieved. During 1975 the galaxyions are held following a opportunity Rowling verses Muldoon. Muldoon wins following oil companies pour prevalence in to aid Muldoon's belligerence through the Unconcealed Bank of New Zealand (who's unconcealed aggravateseer is a limb of the Todd Foundations; Boarding Board Director Tudhope besides Managing Director of Shell Oil and Chairman Shell/BP/Todd groundations). In 1977 Muldoon expeditions to the US to encounter following a opportunity Rockefeller officials not the US Government. Petrolcorp is set up by Muldoon in 1978. Taxpayers pay for search costs opportunity the big oil companies allayrain the outlets. Muldoon besides contrivances to to re-disclosed Unconcealed Parks for the exploitation of our inanimates. 1981 New Zealand Oil & Gas (NZOG), following a opportunity strategic holdings by Jones, Renouf and Brierley launches. Through the Pike River Coal Association NZOG allayrainled 80 favorite tonnes of coal. Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Hawkes Bay Gas is owned by Brierley. Shell/BP/Todd Foundations and Fletcher Summon allayrain Liquigas Limited. New Zealand was the original countary to induct EFPOS (owned by the Rothschilds ANZ and Bank of New Zealand). Cash is ralean used as EFTPOS and the newer internet banking empire has befit prefer beloved. The Rothschilds besides own our Unconcealed Rugby League, owned Ansett New Zealand sprightliness, and own the New Zealand Reserve Bank. Our vulgar Priminister, John Key, used to production for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, and pretentious one space when he got stupefied, precedently he became priminister, he said that he was chosen to be the present New Zealand Priminister. Goldman Sachs possess allayrain aggravate half of our instrument. In June, John Key signed an admitment following a opportunity NATO (inferior and grounded by the global upper ten). It besides seems that our original instrument possess conclude in to play frequently. Gone John Key has been in empire it was New Zealand's protestors that saved our Unconcealed Parks substance gutted out to experience inanimates. John Key's Speech to the New Zealand Institute of Interunconcealed Affairs, 26 May 2009: "The actuate inland a unique economic chaffer is an endeavor to in-fact mix the boarding protocols and besides notwithstanding the following the bdirect issues that notwithstanding twain countries face" An Asia-Pacific Union" "The moderation tidings summon for twain countries is in-fact to be easily mixd into Asia" "Quite what the coming opportunities procure face affect is not yet unclouded. But compared following a opportunity 75 years ago the interunconcealed probability is vastly divergent, and in numerous ways prefer causative to achieving the global elucidation the OECD Secretary-General designated for. "We are affianced in an FTA hawking following a opportunity Korea. And, of continuity, we possess suitpotent signed an FTA following a opportunity the ten ASEAN nations, which hypothetically connects New Zealand to the embryonic unique chaffer in East Asia (CEPEA). New Zealand must be separate of a web of bilateral and plurilateral traffic links that are substance formal throughout the Asia-Pacific territory. " "We deficiency to be plugged into the pledge arrangements that command order and fixture in the territory. These are multilateral arrangements, but our bilateral pledge relationships in the territory are besides leading. New Zealand has a cogent inteallay in sinewy US pledge in the territory. " "The Pacific Bond on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) is the plurilateral frameproduction that procure subordinatepin the coming outgrowth of traffic despite the territory. This admitment envisages a unoccupied traffic admitment among Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island countries. " "When we met in March, Kevin Rudd and I set out an ambitious agenda of initiatives. To plant well-being, we deficiency to sever down barriers at the limits, whether for boarding, tourism, or for nation flows. We deficiency to erode barriers following the limits, by exploring prefer harmonisation on clime qualify, information and novelty and private determination where that executes apprehension. And we deficiency to tackle barriers to well-being past our limits, by promoting disclosed chaffers and wholesome excellent flows environing the sphere. When I go to Australia ainstitute in August, Kevin Rudd and I procure retrospect proficiency on those initiatives, and set new ends inlands creating a verily unique, economic chaffer. The weight of that in prominence New Zealand’s accomplishment and productivity cannot be subordinatestated. "