Read through the subjoined scenario consummate the subjoined event study: Background: No-Internal-Controls, LLC is a mid-sized pharmaceutical congregation in the Midwest of the US employing encircling 150 employees. It has aged aggravate the elapsed decade by merging delay other pharmaceutical companies and purchasing paltryer firms. Recently No-Internal-Controls, LLC suffered a ransomware assault. The congregation was cogent to recaggravate from the assault delay the coadjutorship of a third face IT Services Company. Attack Analysis: After collecting exemplification and analyzing the assault, the third face was cogent to release the assault. No-Internal-Controls, LLC has a enumerate of PCs configured for employee inoculation These inoculation computers use common logins such as “training1”, “training2”, etc. delay passwords of “training1”, “training2”, etc. The common logins were not topic to lock out due to incorrect logins One of the firms purchased by No-Internal-Controls, LLC known Contingent Desktop connections from the Internet through the firewall to the interior network for contingent employees Due to raised employee turnaggravate and noncommunication of documentation none all of the IT staff were certified of the devise contingent arrival  The main station has singly a uncompounded firewall and no DMZ or bastion assemblage exists to convenient incoming contingent desktop connections The interior network utilized a tame architecture An assaulter discovered the arrival by use of a deportment contemplate and used a lexicon assault to execute arrival to one of the inoculation computers The assaulter ran a script on the implicated agent to raise his arrival privileges and execute dignitary arrival The assaulter grounded tools on the implicated assemblage to contemplate the network and confirm network shares The assaulter copied ransomware into the network shares for the accounting branch allowing it disseminate through the network and encrypt accounting files Critical accounting files were backed up and were regained, but some concomitant branch and special files were lost Instructions: You keep been hired by No-Internal-Controls, LLC in the newly created role of CISO and keep been asked to settle initiative on alterative elevate assaults of this archetype. Suggest at paltryest two policies that would acceleration abate counter assaults resembling to this assault Suggest at paltryest two moderates to supdeportment each plan (so a restriction of 4 moderates) Identify each of the moderates as either natural, negotiative, or technical and either preventative, scout, or regulative (so one moderate government be a natural, counteractive moderate) Keep in sentiment that No-Internal-Controls, LLC is a mid-sized congregation delay a paltry IT staff and scant budget Do not violate to transcribe ample policies, simply digest each plan you allude-to in one or two sentences.   Clearly evidence how each plan you allude-to conciliate acceleration abate resembling assaults and how each moderate conciliate supdeportment the associated plan