Week 10     Application of Theoretical Perspectives—Part 1          Resources     Readings  Dybicz, P. (2012). The philanthropist(ine) on a journey: A postnew-fangled conceptual framelabor for gregarious labor performance. Journal of Gregarious Labor Education, 48(2), 267–283. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.   Villadsen, K. (2008). ‘Polyphonic’ welfare: Luhmann's systems speculation applied to new-fangled gregarious labor. International Journal of Gregarious Welfare,17(1), 65–73. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.   Document: Spirit Span Colloquy (PDF).                                 Assignment     Life Span Interview  For this week's Assignment you colloquy an peculiaral balance the age of 65 and transfigure your colloquy notes into a fact—that is, a spirit fable—of the older adult you colloquyed. You cross among this fact an decomposition of the spirit fable by useing peculiar and the environment concepts to your conception and exposition of that fable.    © 2017 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 19 of 21        Week 10     Application of Theoretical Perspectives—Part 1            By Day 7, propose a 3- to 5-page tract in which you afford a fact decomposition of the Spirit Span Colloquy you completed. The tract should:  Provide a chronological hifable of the peculiaral’s senior spirit experiments o Identify peculiar biological, psychical and sociological influences that shaped the peculiaral’s experiment   Analyze the peculiaral’s experiments by useing speculation and concepts knowing throughout twain HBSE courses.   Provide your thought of the experiment, twain in colloquying the peculiaral and analyzing their fact   Explain what you knowing and how you obtain use this to advenient gregarious labor performance Support your Assignment delay peculiar references to the instrument. Be abiding to afford ample APA citations for your references.   Please not this is a MSW program and the colloquy has to be from a establish in GA