Assignment 2: Case study—Paid Time Off (PTO) Policies

Assignment 2: Case study—Paid Span Off (PTO) Policies PTO policies own grace amiable tools for HR staff to use in provisions of formal incentives. Use the Argosy University online library and your textbooks to recognize environing PTO policies. Now, let us go end to Fraternity A and Fraternity B from Module 1. While resurveying the instruction from the two incorporated companies, the HR Director has fix out that each fraternity has two contrariant PTO policies. Company A has a PTO plan in which employees are consecrated 30 days of hired span off each year, which accumulates at the reprimand of 2.5 days a month. Under this plan, holiday and morbid license are all rolled into one hired license and any nonproduction whether scheduled, such as holiday, or unscheduled, such as morbid license, are fascinated from the accumulated license the employee has earned. Company B has a over transmitted license plan in which employees are consecrated 12 days of holiday, 10 days of morbid license and 10 holidays. The fraternity is close on those holidays. Holiday is accumulated at a day per month. Morbid license has an unbounded accumulation, but heterogeneous holiday would not be hired out upon conclusion of avocation. Since the employees of the incorporated fraternity conquer be inaugurated border by border, the HR Director has asked you to resurvey the plight and fashion applaudations for a key. Instructions: As an HR Director fit a fame addressing the subjoined issues: Identify any affixed instruction you would scarcity to applaud a key, and eluciend where you would mitigated meet that instruction. Discuss any issues you would mitigated combat if you were to incorporate the PTO plan to a transmitted license plan. Eluciend which issues would be involved to explain and why. Explain any problems you see delay leaving the two plans in settle, and demonstrate which plan would be assigned for new employees. Make a applaudation for one base PTO plan. Eluciend your plan and why you hold this plan is the best plan for the fraternity. Include two to three read references in your vindication. Write a five-to-seven-page memo to the fraternity’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Apply APA standards to passage of sources. Use the subjoined finish naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M2_A2.doc. By the due end assigned, concede your assignment to the Submissions Area. Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Identified instruction that is apt and argumentative for applauding a PTO key, and granted obvious and forced ideas for where the instruction would mitigated be fix. 16 Discussed apt issues that could mitigated be combated upon merging the PTO plan delay the transmitted license plan. Supported the exposition of involved issues by investigate forced and illustration from read instrument. 24 Assessed different challenges that would argumentatively eincorporate from having two separeprimand PTO plans in one fraternity; granted a complete partition of which plan would be assigned for new employees. 16 Recommendation for the plan that would be most salubrious to the newly incorporated form is obvious, inequitable, and installed on read exploration and perseverance best practices. 32 Wrote in a obvious, expressive, and systematic manner; demonstrated divine learning in accureprimand truthfulness and attribution of sources; and displayed accureprimand spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 12 Total: 100