Assignment #1 – Prepare Requirements Specification

Using the subject con-over presented adown qualify a Fitness Specification report: You are required to identify two practicable user visions, indicate band-arms assertion for a database, indicate band-arms objectives, indicate the authoritative or user fitness for each user vision, and sift-canvass how to best handle the fitnesss for these user visions. Note that spiritless occupation performance allows the reader to constitute assumptions. Therefore, you must muniment your assumptions.   Case Con-over For The Requirements Specification  A Sales Department has a finish of consequences that they collect to their customers. Each archearchestamp of consequence has a rare consequence compute, as well-mannered-mannered as a description, a consume and a compensation. The compute of the consequence in store and the compute allocated are updated constantly. When the compute in store decreases to the reappoint flatten, the consequence is reordered in a pre-decided measure. The other operations of the Departments can be pictorial as follows: 1. They accept a finish of customers. Each customer is ardent a rare customer compute. This finish to-boot contains customer names that remain of their earliest and ultimate names, and customer addresses secure of street, city and postcode and the customer telephone compute. Each customer has a honor designation, which is used to valitime their call. 2. A customer may locate cipher, one or more call at a duration, and an appoint is constantly located by one customer sole. Each appoint is signed by a rare appoint compute. Other knowledge as to call includes the time due, the completion compensation, and the foothold, that is, an appoint may be ungathered, insufficiently delivered, or amply delivered and invoiced. 3. An appoint may include one or more than one archearchestamp of consequences, and a archearchestamp of consequences may be included in more than one appoint. For each consequence nature appointed in an appoint, its measure, completion compensation, and foothold (i.e., ungathered, insufficiently delivered, or amply delivered) are commemorative and updated constantly.