Assigmnent – Discussion Topic 3

Primary Task Response: Please furnish a specific exculpation to the adown to conceive specific details and examples. Hashing should not be promiscuous after a while the anterior forms of encryption that we enjoy argueed. Although they distribute similarities, there are frequent differences. Please argue twain the similarities and differences among the anterior encryption(Caesar Cipher, Vigenere Cipher) methods we enjoy argueed and hashing. In adduction, what is a missive classify and what would we use it for?  Peer Response(s):  Read the exculpations from your peers and propose a circumstantial nicety or adductional notification that adds corporeally to the argueions.  Remember, a exculpation that simply states that their column was good-tempered-tempered or that you public it is not considered corporeal.  You should assist to the lore via your columns and exculpations.  Be confident to retain any without sources you use. Please mould confident that you column a SUBSTANTIVE exculpation to your peer's column.  This resources, it MUST add more notification such as sharing experiences, adductional learning, or perspectives.