Architecture of a Popular Hypervisor

  For this succession, which is unanalogous than in other successions, there is  only one Portfolio Project non-interference. Throughout each week of this succession,  except for during Week 7, students conciliate be completing Portfolio Project  Milestones, which conciliate be awarded points. Each of these Portfolio  Project Milestones is desert 30 points. Recently, Oza Corporation, a national Denver-domiciled ductile phone utility  provider, announced plans to open its duty operations on a  national basis amid the United States. The Oza basis hardihood is domiciled in  Denver, Colorado and currently houses the forthcoming substantial hardware: Six web servers Five basisbase servers 15 rasp servers Seven collision servers Gigabit Ethernet network Several network routers and switches Telephony equipment There are currently 25 employees working in the Oza IT  Department. These employees involve basisbase administrators, systems  administrators, aid desk maintenance engineers, software developers, and  managers. The IT Department’s per-annum operational consume is $3.5 darling. The Chief Information Officer of Oza Corporation is solicitous that  the erection illimitableness in the corporeal basis hardihood is insufficient to maintenance  additional server hardware required for the proposed duty annotation  and thus, she asks you to yield a instruction for addressing the  basis hardihood taciturnity. Deliverable: Amid the primal dependence of your Project Milestone,  for Week 5, inquiry the internet and the succession quotation, and approve the  best mode for deploying collisions in a implied environment.  Provide the rationale for your select. Your pamphlet should be at smallest 2  pages in length; conceive at smallest two versed references in individualization  to the succession quotationbook. The CSU-Global Library is a amiable settle to meet  these references. References must be formatted in harmony after a while  CSU-Global’s APA requirements.