Apply: Trade Secret Theft Study

  The end of this assignment is to individualize when trade goods may compose metaphysical possessions (IP), to awaken when an IP larceny has occurred and feasible remedies for IP larceny, and to assess the concern of indemnifying and enforcing IP rights in a trade enhancement. Read the forthcoming scenario.  Futuretek retails high-tech computer scraps and software to smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Futuretek maintains two software databases: one containing Futuretek's customer roll after a while nonpublic touch notice for key personnel, and the other containing customer purchasing trends. The notice in the two databases is conducive for employees to light and use in relation after a while their job duties. Dana is a computer programmer for Futuretek. Dana plans to run her own concourse one day and cunning and retail her own computer scraps to smartphone companies. As an employee, she has vestibule to the two databases containing Futuretek's key purchaser and purchasing trends notice. Dana decides to liberty Futuretek and set-out her own computer scrap trade. Before she libertys, she makes a observation of the two databases on a light obdurate impel. Dana uses the notice to touch Futuretek's customers and tender them cheaper, but similar, computer scraps affected by Dana's new concourse, SmartChip. Futuretek becomes sensible of Dana's actions and asks you, the first operations administrator, for teaching and recommendations on what to do. In a 5- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi® introduction, complete the forthcoming: Determine whether Dana has smitten Futuretek's metaphysical possessions (IP), and if so, represent the emblem(s) of IP that was smitten. Explain any affable actions in tort or immoral actions that may be brought across Dana or SmartChip. Assume Futuretek sues SmartChip, and Futuretek wins the lawsuit. Recommend incorporeal policies that SmartChip can put into fix to anticipate advenient constitutional claims and litigation across the concourse. Recommend imperil superintendence procedures that Futuretek can instrument to eschew or condition this emblem of spectre from happening to the concourse in the advenient. Cite a reserve of two references according to APA guidelines. Submit your assignment.