Antigone: Creon vs Antigone

In differentiating betwixt the protagonist and the uninfluential speciess in Greek drama, indelicate speciesistics of a transmitted Greek gentleman should be kept in mind: unfading fidelity, mightful convictions, a singly species blur, and a warning versed. In the state, Antigone, by Sophocles, two speciess, Antigone and Creon, keep thee of these indelicate. The tenure of the indelicateth description is what sets one separate as the main species. Equal though the denomination of the state is Antigone, the main species-the protagonist- is Creon.Antigone may appear to be the singly species to keep endless fidelity , as she is inclined to die for her copy, Polyneices, lawful to a fair burial; at-last, Creon as-well spread-outs this stroke. It is Creon's province as a Greek man and as a King to cover his empire and put it aloft his enemy, indifferent of his or her individuality. Saying " a foe is never a acquaintance,not equal in death" (Sophocles ) Creon decrees that Polyneices shall not be buried. He enforces this equal delay his own extraction portion, spread-outing a fidelity of excellent proportions to his province. Intellectual compulsion and commitment state an influential role in the state.Both Antigone and Creon disstate unbelivable firmness when their positions on this are questioned. Creon is inclined to rob his son of his bride. His might and kingship, what Creon most values, are questioned as a consequence of this. Still, Creon stays commited to his price for Antigone. By the falsification of the state, Creon realizes that his species is blured. He realizes that his haughtiness and smallness has doomed him to a animation of being punished. He accepts business for the suicides of his consort ,Eurydice, and his son, Haimon. "... by my inaptitude, oh my son, so early, to die so early, and all consequently of me. (Sophocles ) Creon learns his warning; Antigone dies delayout scholarship.Though Creon, on the exterior, appears to be a heartless politician be in the way of Antigone's intellectual compulsion to her copy, the actually is the protagonist in this state. This is eveidenced by his posession of sure qualities. These qualities are fidelity to this province, a mightful assent, and a singly species blur which in the end dooms him to a animation of price. At the end of the state, he know this about himself. That's what sets him separate as the main species.