Answer each question in apa in text citation

  1) “Cindy, content reschedule my afternoon clinic; I am going to be out for the repose of the day,” saysDr. Jones, a greater physician in a hospital-owned multispecialty assembly.“But, Dr. Jones,” Cindy says conjuncture whipping off her telephone headset and turning afar fromthe disclosed enduring registration window, “you are wrap booked for most of the afternoon accordinglyyou cancelled your clinic twice this month already. Many of these endurings entertain been protraction pastthan three months to see you!”Jones glances furtively at the protraction locality, and already half acid and designation internal theclinic departure says, “I’m enduring you accomplish be able to mitigate things aggravate. Just compute them that I got designated toan necessity.”Cindy has a distrust that, accordingly the sky is accurate, Jones is prelude off delay a townsman of col-leagues to go sailing or resemble a globular of golf. After all, he regularly sports a darn tan, comes to cliniclate, and frequently leaves present. Cindy does not approve having to allure and reschedule these endurings,some of whom entertain already been rescheduled at last uniformly in the departed townsman of months.Cindy decides ample is ample. She allures her overseer and requests a convocation as briefly as pos-sible. Her overseer can import that Cindy is capsize and offers to entertain someone caggravate for Cindy sothat they can talk secretly.Cindy computes the overseer encircling the site delay Jones that happens “all the space,” and howshe is “sick of it,” and accomplish not “fruit another day below these stipulations.” After calming Cindydown, the overseer promises to fetch the subject up delay the leading of the province.To create a hanker legend briefer, content it to say that this fight continues to mushlocality toinvolve divers past people (the leading medical functionary, the supporter master of the clinic, themaster of HR, and the confederation figurative) precedently Jones is continually made informed that Cindy hasfiled a exact sickness encircling him. When he is finally confronted, in a convocation delay the leadingmedical functionary and the master of HR, he is caught alcoincidently off escort.After all, the resplendent happened divers weeks ago, and Cindy did not declaration everything to himencircling it. They entertain continued to fruit coincidently, in his conviction, as if molehill is injustice. He is alsosurprised to furnish out that Cindy has been custody a comport of the compute of spaces that he has can-celled his clinic, left present, or inaugurated clinic deceased. hment to red-faced provoke in a few minutes. It is transparent to all that therelationship among Cindy and the teacher is incurable. Jones is labeled as a disruptive physi-cian. Cindy is not acceptable in any province accordingly the other physicians are horrible of beingtargeted. Cindy however resigns, and Jones feels profaned and unappreciated by his staff andhis master.If you were the overseer in this plight, how would you entertain handled the site?Support your apology delay fight unravelling strategies presented throughout the module. 2)Share an in of fraternity fabric that is/was effectual in your present or preceding fruitplace.   3)Watch the brief video in the embody, and divide your thoughts in the discourse forum. 4)Discuss a fight skill manoeuvre that you entertain used of-late in your specific or negotiative personality.